The view of Montana rolling by outside the bus.

Thank you to everyone for your interest in our project! We are willing to entertain any request to publish our story or any of the associated media, but please first contact Hank and Justin at to request permission and discuss terms. Any publishing, reselling or redistribution without our consent is strictly prohibited.

The bus has received so much love that we started a collection of places where people have shared the adventure. If you see one that isn’t listed, please drop it in the comments below!

ABC News
New York Daily News
This Is Colossal
Design Boom
Arch Daily
The Weather Channel
Business Insider
The Coolist
The Verge
Mother Nature Network
The Tiny Life
Home Designing
Design You Trust
InforManT Daily
Tiny House Swoon
Snail Bird
Living in a Shoebox
Deseret News
Tiny House Design
Life Edited

International Press:
Le Figaro (France)
Kaiak (Taiwan)
Epic Times (Great Britain)
TJOCK (Sweden)
Klon Blog (Germany)
Brekend (Netherlands)
Autoblog ES (Spain)
CBC (Canada)
Berita Satu (Indonesia)
BimBon (Brazil)
Viz Kultura (Croatia)
Mako Living (Israel)

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  1. Reclamation Administration

    Hi Hank and Bus,

    We wanted to let you know that we created a post on The Reclamation Administration about you (we say you on Colossal).

    Hope you like it, but let us know if you want to make any edits. Great work!


    • Hank Butitta

      Thanks for the post, we appreciate it!

  2. Ruben Camberos

    It´s an incredible way to see and take control of one of the main problems in this time, i hope you can give me an e mail to be in touch or a phone number to talk about something i have in mind here in mexico. i´m sharing your website in my personal FB wall and an architecture magazine that i have. have a safe trip.

    • Hank Butitta

      My email is in the bio section, I’m curious to hear what you’re thinking!

  3. Emmanuelle Bourrillon


    Here is an article published in the French newspaper Le Figaro about your bus initiative –

    Keep up with the great work!


  4. Katrien

    Here’s an article published on the Belgian newspaper website De Standaard:



    • Hank Butitta

      Crazy! It’s spreading so far!

  5. jim williams

    haven’t seen any blog since day 12. am I missing something?

    • Hank Butitta

      We’ve got more on the way!

  6. Jackie Brenner-Shanley

    …about all i could muster was to leave all i knew for 47 years when i moved, with 3 suitcases, to england and married my soul-mate hubby….well, it was quite brave for me….but thanks for taking what so many of us think about and giggle about thinking about in the privacy of our minds and doing it and sharing it!!! cant wait to see the rest of this journey because i know you have so very many more to cover in your lifetime! keep safe and happy…and accept the set-backs because they are part of life to help us cherish the good times!

  7. park kerr

    Howdy from Cloudcroft NM. my buddy Heather Blanton has a snappy converted bus here in Cloudcroft and get this: she had a fantastic band that hosts ‘band practice” in the bus every saturday night. You guys have to drive through this part of new mexcio, chill out at 9800 feet, hang with the band, and love life out here. The School Bus Gypsies are just the coolest group, have this weekly event in the bus, and all is good. Park Kerr, Cloudcroft NM.

  8. Rene

    Hank: What a great idea…I think if you are going as far north as Minneapolis, you and your bus should venture a bit farther north to Hayward, WI, we have a great campground and would love to have you and the bus give us a visit. Good luck with your adventure!!! Not to mention northern Wisconsin is a beautiful place to visit.

    • Hank Butitta

      As a native ‘Sconnie, I know it has a lot to offer! I always did want a cabin in the north woods, and that was the original intention for the bus! (It’s just too much darned fun to drive around!)

  9. Sue

    Saw post on two tiny house websites, but just now saw it on Yahoo News/GMA! Woo Hoo!

  10. gijsbert


    Cool project Hank!

    I found your bus on the website of ‘De Standaard’, Belgium

    all the best

  11. Matt

    Have you all made it to San Francisco, yet? I’d love to say hi if you’re stopping in the city.

    • Hank Butitta

      Already passed through! Sorry!

  12. Matt

    Hi Hanks,

    I don’t have much to offer as far as publicity but I do want you to know I love what you are doing or trying to do, and I am extremely excited to see what else you have accomplished so far! Just letting you know that I think what you’re doing is amazing and I enjoy following your journey!


  13. Josh Podolske

    Got it up on my site

  14. Elizabeth Bennett

    Article about you today in the Daily Mail:

    Great project!

  15. david

    was wondering if you guys plan on coming to texas? I live in fort worth and would like to see ya’lls bus.

  16. Ranae

    Excellent blog! Daily Mail UK has an article on line.

    Keep the posts coming! Much luck on the rest of your travels! Living vicariously as ever.

  17. Don

    Recent post in Taxi. Happy trails out there.

  18. Zack

    Hi my name is Zack and I wanted to reach out to you. I am currently a resident at the world’s first Self-Organized Learning Environment or SOLE. We look for people that step away from the higher education standards and make moves on their own. I am currently working on a tiny house company and would love to talk with you guys. Check out the website and if you are interested then drop me a line. I hope to hear from you!

    • Hank Butitta

      Hey Zack,
      We’re still trying to figure out what happens next and looking through our options, we’ll definitely keep this in mind!

  19. Jesse

    What a great thing, fellas! A true inspiration. The vicarious enjoyment of finding and reading your blog has reaffirmed my goal of a similar plan. If you wander over to the east coast know that you’ve got a secure crash site and a great meal in southeastern virginia. I have seen your story twice today on two sites not in your list. The most notable is and the other is Thank you for the resonating inspiration and safe travels, brothers.

  20. olaf

    Want one too 🙂 but will be difficult to do in Switzerland with the same bus…

  21. Rafael Cubillo

    Hi Hank! We wrote a post about your project in the spanish blog of

    Hope you like it!

    See ya!!

  22. Tim (Netherlands largest blog) has an article on you guys:

    Enjoy the ride!

  23. Ghris

    Smile, you’re on !

  24. Folkert

    Love the project. You guys should totally take this Europe-bound too. Don’t know how, but would be awesome.

  25. Misty Cudahy

    I love your BUS!!
    You have inspired me to start planning our honeymoon across the USA, Cudahy WI to Cudahy CA it’s our second anniversary next week.
    We have been a little been a little busy bringing a Victorian house back to life, near the London Olympic park, I think you would approve. In fact more than that you have made me decide to start writing my blog again.
    Thank you and have a trip of a lifetime!! If you’re in London let me know.

    • Hank Butitta

      That sounds like a great trip! Have a great honeymoon, and good luck with your house!

  26. Willem

    Here’s an article published on – a Dutch Newspaper – earlier today:

  27. David

    Hank! One of The Netherlands largest newspapers, NRC Handelsblad, mentioned you on it’s ‘The best of the web’ section online. You can find the article here

    Keep up the good work man, great initiative!

    David (Amsterdam)

  28. LO

    Soooooooooooooooo cool~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  29. Cyril

    Hello from Berkeley.
    Gentlemen, we stumbled upon your project and found it totally awesome. We wrote about it:

    Thank you for your art and inspiration.
    God Speed and Bon Voyage.

    Cyril and the Denormalise Team

  30. TourGether

    Here is article publish on website.

    We are focus on helping travelers to find their travelling partners and share the travelling expenses. We like your project. Keep work on it! Have a good trip.

  31. Ethan Thompson

    Found another article about you guys on

    Keep up the great work!

  32. Thomas McMahon

    Just posted an article about the bus on the School Bus Fleet magazine website:

  33. TourGether

    Here is article publish on website.

    We are focus on helping travelers to find their travelling partners and share the travelling expenses. We like your project. Keep work on it! Have a good trip.

  34. Lucie

    Hi guys,
    Thumbs up!
    I found you via web edition of one of the largest newspaper in Czech Republic! They run you as the main feature of the day in The Living section.

  35. Eliel Bragatti

    Hi Hank and friends!

    I saw your “homebus” at an article in a website about sustainable things in Brasil:

    I love this king of adventures and loved your “homebus adventures” also.

    Thank you guys for the inspiration… Have a great sucess…

    Eliel Bragatti.
    SP – Brasil

  36. Mario Sergio

    Hey Hank, what’up!? Here the deal, congrats on ur project is just fucking amazing bro! My gf send me the link, and I of course saw everything, make me think about my archicteture life, is not just project, build buildings, is been creative and give a new heart for anything, We are from Brazil, and we loved ur job, congrats again! Excuse my french, but you could understand right? LOL and btw, i posted on my blog if u dont mind!

  37. Teodora Z.

    Hi guys, we have featured your project here:
    Hope it is ok with you.
    If there is anything you want us to modify, please let us know.
    Thanks for inspiring us!


  38. Christiane

    Dear Hank, so happy that I got the chance to feature your project on LIVEGREENBLOG 🙂
    I hope you like it:
    My very best wishes and let’s stay in contact,
    @chrisbuerklein on Twitter

  39. Corianna

    Just found out about you through Demilked.

    I’m on my own adventure/oral history project down the East Coast and through the Deeop South. Good to see you are taking care of the west. Enjoy the ride, and meet awesome people. -C

  40. Kathlyn Kinney

    We threw out a mention of you on our company blog:

    This is so fantastic! Hope that builders and architects all over catch on to the remade and repurposed idea.
    By the way, love the response of the police officer in your post “Yosemite” – “That’s pretty rad.” Right it is.

    Keep it up,


  41. Hank Butitta

    Derrick! Thanks for finding us when we rolled through town!

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