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  1. casey

    Safe travels and enjoy the journey

  2. HammyDavisJr

    Great idea and great site. Definitely along for the ride. Good luck!

  3. Tyler

    Hey Hank,
    Been following your journey and am excited for more updates! Safe travels to you and enjoy!


  4. DOUG

    I found this blog via Justin’s facebook. I’m so stoked to see you two putting dreams into concrete form. Looking forward to reading more about the journey. Safe and Happy Trails!

  5. Mitch Ruter

    Hank! I see you are coming through Denver at some point. When you do, I would love to see you and check out the bus if you’re planning to make a stop. Good luck on your trip!


    • Hank Butitta

      Mitch! We blew through Denver, got in late one night, and had to leave early the next day. Sorry I didn’t see you dude, hope everything’s going well!

  6. Alan


    I hope your journey continues to be exciting and fruitful.


  7. William

    Did you tour any camper manufacturers when designing the systems within the bus? Would you keep it as one large open space if you had to start over? Any thought about a flexible “door” to shift public and private zones within the bus from day to day? I am interested to see how your experiences shift as the tenants vary from a few to a slew along the way.

    Sorry for the quick random thoughts – iPhone typing. . .

    • Hank Butitta

      Didn’t tour anywhere! Lots of research on for systems. I definitely want to keep one large open space, doors/walls start to cramp things pretty quickly…

  8. Uncle Brad

    Great start to the trip – good blogging Hank.

  9. Mary and Dennis

    We just caught up on the adventures of “Hank Bought a Bus”. We particularly enjoyed seeing some of the “before pictures” and can truly appreciate the transformation. Happy Trails!

  10. Ryan

    Very Cool! Can’t wait to here more.

  11. Tyler Bliss

    Currently a couple of days behind but have enjoyed getting caught up! What a great post! Amazing the people you run into while on the road! Puts things into perspective! Beautiful pictures as well!

    • Hank Butitta

      It’s always the unexpected bits and people you meet that are the most fun! Thanks!

  12. Murray Lunn


    I’d love to go spelunking sometime and this post definitely nailed it for me. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time and Time (and family) look like they’re living quite comfortably. So far, so good, be safe and good luck!

    • Hank Butitta

      I’m not sure why this post convinced you heading into any cave was a good idea, but best of luck to you! Thanks!

  13. Tiana Kai

    This is too cool. If you were in Italy I would make you take my husband and me. Safe journey guys!

  14. Uncle Brad

    Sounds like you are doing this trip the right way. Keep enjoying the moments.

    • Hank Butitta

      It’s a heck of the journey, I’ll see ya when we get back!

  15. Gregory

    Your conversion looks very interesting! Look forward to meeting you and touring the bus on your journey through Kansas City.

    • danieldeuce

      What’s the MPG on a bus that big?

      • Hank Butitta

        10! (Which isn’t too bad split between a few friends)

        • Auresse

          are you considering converting fuel systems to something more economical/ environ friendly? Maybe propane or bio-gas?

          I realise your focus is on architectural efficiency and design – but there’s a real opportunity to explore self sufficiency, ‘zero waste’ living here as well.
          That lovely big bus could handle a little extra weight… holding tanks from your sink/shower could store greywater for ‘bus washing’, and a composting toilet could generate bio-fuel.

          So much potential in this project- good for you!

    • Marina Morgan

      Hey this is so freakin awesome me & my husband love it way to go on taking a chance & following ur gut. So amazed would love to see more. We live in Santa Rosa Ca.

      • Tanya

        I love it! Also live in Santa Rosa, CA. I was thinking about trying to build a tumbleweed house (google it, they are amazing and the designer is based out of sebastopol), but I think I like this even more! It reminds me of the guy that converted a garbage truck into a living space, but this is bigger and has a bathroom. Much better (well for a lady). Thanks for posting about this! It’s awesome 🙂

        • alethea

          I love it too! I also live in Santa Rosa. What the hell? Santa Rosans are into converted buses, apparently.

    • Pamela

      I actually love the cabinetry as it is! They have a clean, sleek look. I was reading to see what you used for wood & finishing for your cabinets and counter tops. Surprised to read “unfinished for now”.
      What talent and artistry!

  16. Lane


    You know, it always stings when you refer to my beloved home as “flyover country…” just sayin’.

    See you soon, my friend!


    • Hank Butitta

      Oh shush 😉

      • Ann

        I’m with Lane on this one. I have visited cities on both coasts and found delight in each place, but my home, my heart is the midwest. Yes, it lacks the urban delights found on each coast, but it is its own beautiful self.

  17. Tim

    Does Kevin have a website for some of his photography?

    • Justin Evidon

      Unfortunately Hank and I both failed to get his full contact info, so we are hoping he gets in touch with us once he resurfaces from his time in Yellowstone. Once we have that information we will be sharing it on this post.

  18. Jake

    Since your an architecture student, surely Chicago would be a great place to stop. Especially IIT. Everyone would in the COA would definitely like to hear your story and see your work!

  19. Jonathan

    Nice, man. Looks great, and there are some really good ideas.

  20. That Food

    The idea overall is really great as is the execution.
    I really dig the interior and how the space is manageable and dynamic.

  21. Tim

    Grey = Prison:bad
    Yellow = Classic School bus happy, fun: good.

    Your bus needs a paint job.

    • Jenderson

      It’s actually illegal to drive a yellow school bus on the streets (at least in Arizona) if you are not actually driving it for a school. The thought being that someone could drive around picking up kids for reasons other than education.

    • Erik

      Nah; yellow is too tacky.

      Military busses are also grey.

      I like it.

      • Hank Butitta

        Urban camoflauge 😉

    • Dana

      Really? You’re going to look at all of this and then comment on the color of the bus?

    • Edward

      From the article:

      “In order to help remove the inhabitant from the reminders and connotations of its former life as a school bus, entry into the space is reoriented to the rear.”

      Yellow would be a terrible color. The whole point is to transform what was a school bus, -not live in one.

    • Brad

      Sorry Tim, in some states it is illegal to leave a bus yellow after it has been bought for private use.

    • random guy

      I don’t see what is so happy about a yellow school bus.. The grey looks good.

  22. Darryl

    Nicely done. Are you planning on adding construction pics at all? It’d be nice to walk through the process. Congrats on it and good luck!

    • Joseph

      In Texas it’s illegal to leave it yellow for private use, as Darryl states. And you must remove the red flashers on top.

    • Selenya

      Yes indeed – that was my husband’s first questions “where’s the construction pics”… It would be nice to see the entire process including plans – hint, hint…

  23. BCBrown

    This design is brilliant! With a few expansions, I can see how easily it would be to convert it to a fully livable space. I have many ideas on how to do something very similar to this for my future. I’ve done a lot of reviewing on converting buses and other possible tiny spaces This is the most comfortable and spacious design, utilizing natural light and plausible storage I’ve seen. Bravo!

  24. BCBrown

    I was wondering, do you plan on documenting the construction aspect with photos and the such? Also, peace be the journey!

  25. Gneepas

    You will be back. You will be here. I came to Seattle for the first time in 1988, and I sat in a parked car on Sunset Hill (above Paseo) and looked at the Olympics as the sun set across the sound, and thought to myself, “this feels right, I want to live here”.

    At the time I was a foreign student at a well-known design school in NYC, and had just finished a stint at a sister institution in LA. I was heading back east – and my Seattleite friends had brought me to visit their home. Fast forward twenty years (yes it took that long) – in 2008, I moved here and now couldn’t think of living anywhere else. You too will be back, and you will build many buses for your fellow Seattleits. You will drive them over the North Cascade Highway and wonder how you ever lived on flat land… You will be here. I wish you all the best.

    • Hank Butitta

      That’s a vision I can get on board with! Thanks for sharing a bit of your own adventure!

  26. peter

    Live In Orange County, great job, would love to meet and see the bus…

  27. Beth muether

    Loved your journal about on the road in the bus. It brought back such fond memories of going cross country with my family back in the early 70s in our blue and Volkswagen van. It’s four cylinder engine struggled up logging roads in Montana, but it brought us in close proximity to some spectacular scenery. Your bus is a lot roomier then that van especially with a car sick dog that never raised her head while we were in motion. Thanks for bringing back memories of my trips. Do you ever plan to come to Long Island, N.Y.? I ‘ll throw some things together and hitch a ride! Safe journeys.

    • Hank Butitta

      Riding with a sick dog sounds like an adventure I’m not quite ready for! And we’re thinking East Coast next year, so who knows! Thanks!

      • VLLasher

        If you do the east coast, swing by Delaware. I’ll trade a home cooked meal for a tour of the bus and a chat about residential architecture, storage, and the like.

  28. Steve

    I’m looking at your bus while sitting on our sailboat in Faaborg Denmark.
    I like your mobile aesthetic, sleek and comfy.
    Regards systems; simpler is better, and of course, best of luck with the toilet.

  29. Mamasock

    Thank you for this wonderful couch adventure. Please keep writing, so that we can all travel with you. I have just figured out how to weave a tiny bus into the strap I am weaving, to celebrate your trip… Just my way of coming along for the ride. Happy travels from Alabama!

    • Hank Butitta

      That’s awesome! I want to see that strap when you’re done! We’ve got some more posts coming for you!

  30. John Date

    OK guys. Regarding the porta-potti, lose it and get an AirHead (Google it and be amazed). Granted, you have neither the time or money to make this change, but as many liveaboards have found, an AirHead and a bag of peat are vastly superior to “real” toilet plumbing and holding tank issues.

    As a former architect-turned-small-space-designer, I’m so impressed with your adventure, and hope that this forever changes your views on thousand square foot foyers and money-no-object design work. One has no idea how unchallenging space design is until a major requirement of success is safe, reliable and, yes – fun – living.

    Good luck in your travels. All of them.

    • Hank Butitta

      I love getting comments like this who have experience with architecture and particularly tiny spaces, thank you so much!

    • J Hargrove

      John, I’m sure they are loving your positive input. Nice.

  31. Gene

    Ah – the joys of starting a diesel in near-freezing temperatures! I’ve learned it the hard way… and it’s not really the engine that is being cold but the diesel fuel which jellies around the 30 degree mark (hence the engine block warmers which keep it nice and liquid).

    Next time you guys are unable to start it, grab a butane torch and run it across the fuel lines and gas tank (assuming the lines are metal) without keeping it in one place too long… She’ll start like a champ!

    • Hank Butitta

      We’ll have to try that next time, because it was horribly embarassing… Thanks!

  32. James

    What are your plans when you drive to or through SF? Are you offering up tours to strangers? Id love a chance to check out the bus. Thanks for posting your trip, looks exciting.

  33. Alec

    Love the bus, will be following the trip with interest!
    Have converted an old ex-army ambulance myself and tour Scotland…… Enjoy!

  34. Mars

    Hi , Hank ,
    Congratulations and have a nice trip.
    I just wonder how you fix electric / water / kitchen issues on the bus ?!
    Have another photos for reference ?! Thanks

  35. marko

    Hy Hank, this was my dream project ever. I will follow you and would love to stay in touch because it is my intention to buy a bus and spend a bit of time (at least 6 months) on it. I am Italian and I do not know whether it is possible to stay longer in states with tourist visa. In any case I would like to have more details as possible, perhaps in a private email to the type of bus etc.
    Carry On Hank!

    • Hank Butitta

      That’s fantastic! I would love to do a trip like this around Italy! I lived for four months in Sicily and backpacked a bit of the mainland, what a beautiful country! Good luck with your American travels!

  36. Michaela

    So happy I stumbled upon your amazing journey today! I am thoroughly impressed.

    Great post, I can’t wait for tomorrow’s.

    • Hank Butitta

      Thanks for following along!

      • grandmothergena

        Would love to take a ride in your new abode. Ya coming down south anytime?
        Great idea young man. You have a future.
        Be safe, Gena

  37. Russell H.

    I love reading about your travels in that bus. Keep having fun and drive safe. May i suggest solar panels for powering your bus system.

    • Hank Butitta

      Solar panels are mighty tempting, but it’s final destination is deep in the woods, so I’m hesitant to make an investment like that for the short term…

  38. Nik

    Just recently I got back from a roadtrip through the uk with 2 friends of mine. We were in an Audi and pitched up a tent every night. At some point we saw an old bus (uk=double decker bus) on the side with a ‘for sale’ sign and we immedately envisioned how to transform the bus into a roadtrip vehicle.Since none of us are in architecture students we knew that our vision would never come true for us, but you did exactly what we dreamed about in this moment.

    The bus looks awesome. You put so much thought into it and it came out very beautiful!

    • xusnlt

      Nik, a high school student built a tiny home on a trailer, so you are limited by your desire. Don’t sell yourself short!

  39. Steven Doyle

    Great design, and bigger than my first apartment. I love all the exposed wood; hope you don’t change that.

    Many years ago in Tennessee, I met a family who’d converted a school bus into their traveling vacation home. I’ve often thought of it since.

    I wonder how much it would cost to cover the roof with solar panels. Even in the PNW, that might get enough power for your electronics. Theoretically, it could eventually pay for itself. (Good job with the LEDs. As soon as they get down to the right price point, everybody will start lighting their homes with those.)

    Big wheels rollin’; gotta keep ’em goin’.
    Big wheels rollin’, movin’ on.

  40. Debbi

    WOW! I wish my Dad were still alive. My family has always camped, and my Dad was excellent in construction. He would have loved to have examined this article. As it stands, I do have a brother who is the same and will send it to him. As the daughter of the man mentioned above, I’m WOWED by this project. I imagine that some of the things weren’t completed beyond functional necessity such as the toilet, cabinet fronts, and a few others due to the restraint on a Master’s Degree Candidates’s budget, but I can visualize it.

    At first I thought…no one wants to sit straight up 24/7. Then I saw the queen size bed roll out where leaning against the bus sides, the legs can be stretched. I love that you kept the windows unblocked. This is the Frank Lloyd right of converted buses…haha. One with nature! I love that about his work.

    As far as someone’s earlier comment on color, I do think that would be a good…although least necessary thing…idea. However, don’t go yellow school bus. I’m sure you have your own choices…red could be a bit fun as the project already stands out.

    I hope you have a patent or patent pending on this type of conversion, but, as people can vary it in so many ways, that probably isn’t possible.

    I think you’ll have orders! That’s probably an understatement already in the press I see you are getting on Google.



    PS Love the skylights…nice touch…adds SO much light to a house! …or bus 🙂

  41. KC

    Hey! I found you through Colossal, & my daughter (who is excited to be returning to public school after being home-schooled for the last year) & I were totally geeking out over your school bus creation! Then we were bummed out after seeing no planned, East Coast leg to this trip. Ah well, I suppose you do have other things that need doing, eh? I’m sure you’ve been inspired countless times along the way. We’ll just have to catch you next time. BTW, the East Coast may, in many ways, hold a gentler beauty, but it’s just as breath-taking. We hope you get the opportunity to give it a run someday. Cheers! ~Kimberly & Jess

    • Hank Butitta

      We’re thinking about an East Coast journey next year, we’ll see what happens! Thank you!

  42. Sandie

    When will you be in SoCal? Can strangers tour your bus? So many questions! Thanks!

    • Hank Butitta

      We missed SoCal this time around, jetting east after SF. It’s too bad because we’ve gotten a very positive reaction from that part of the state, we may have to make a point of visiting again!

  43. Whitney Evans

    Hank: before this site completely busts open, I wanted to say that I admire you greatly. I am sure it is not all going to be as dreamy as your pictures and videos, and there will be bumps (hopefully small ones) along the way, but way to follow your passion! You are a great example for younger generations to find and follow their dreams. Your’s is so lovely. Congratulations on your courage and perseverance, may they both remain strong for you throughout this journey. Kindly, a fan that wants to put my two-cents in before you go completely viral (btw, found this through a random FB page today) All my good wishes to you and yours, Whitney

    • Hank Butitta

      Thank you so much! The pictures are a bit idealistic, but they also don’t capture all of the other emotions and moments on the bus. As a whole, they’re very representative of how I feel about the journey.

      Thanks again Whitney, I’m so glad people enjoy it! Ciao!

  44. Tammy

    Enjoying your travels,that is I am enjoying reading about them. Very beautiful photos also.

    • Hank Butitta

      Thanks, Justin does fantastic work!

  45. shanna

    i don’t see LA on the planned itinerary but would love to meet you guys – i’d trade you a tour of the bus for a tour of my construction site if you’re interested. 🙂
    safe travels!

  46. Melody

    Really amazing! I just got home from a similar trip around the U.S. for the past five weeks! I wasn’t traveling a beautiful bus (just a jeep and a tent) but it was great … it’s so freeing to have so little with you and yet realize you still have everything you need! Love the idea of living simpler and it’ll be great to see what you conclude about the tiny house movement. Can’t wait to read and follow along your journey! It’s almost the exact route that I took 🙂 Good luck!

    • Hank Butitta

      There’s so much to see, I’m starting to realize three weeks isn’t enough! And it’s amazing how little you can survive in! Any major misadventure on your journey?

      • Rhyan

        Hank! Melody and I were travel companions (it is always so wonderful to experience travel – new places, new food, new people – with a good friend or two!) and you can check out our little adventure at (:

        We’ve debriefed for a while since we returned last week and have concluded that the only thing we would have liked to change was all the rain. But who do you think we are, weather magicians?? Seriously though, we don’t remember too many misadventures. I am a little jealous that your route goes through more of the midwest instead of the gulf swamp land, but there is always time in the future for more trips. (Any room on the bus next year??)

        And while I’ve go you here, can I just say one word. PASEO!!

        • Hank Butitta

          PASEO!! Also, congrats on a successful journey!

      • Melody

        It’s true! Even five weeks was just scratching the surface of each place! On more than one occasion I was longing to stay put for a few more days or even a week, just to see/do more, but it was always on to the next place to stay on schedule (which is a terrible word when you’re doing a trip like this.) No misadventures at all, aside from some pretty insane storms while we were camping/hiking, but that really falls more under the “adventure” side of things. You should definitely prolong your adventure and come on over to the East Coast/DC area (: ! And keep the gorgeous pics coming! (also, Paseo = life changing)

      • Rhyan

        Hank! I was Melody’s travel companion (it is always so wonderful to experience travel – new places, new FOOD, new people – with a good friend or two!) and you can follow our little adventure at (:

        We debriefed for a while after returning from our trip last week and the only thing we wish we could have changed was all the rain! But who do you think we are, weather magicians!?! So we stuck it out, made some of the sites (PCH) a little more surreal. Your picture of the coast, rocks standing guard, made me immediately nostalgic. While I wouldn’t say we had any misadventures along the way, I am a little jealous you all are going through more of the midwest instead of the swampy gulf states, but there are always more trips in the future (any room on the bus next year??).

        And while I have you here, can I just say one word: PASEO.

  47. Veronica

    What a great idea! Looks fun. Makes me wish I were there.

    • Hank Butitta

      It is indeed fun! Wish we could take everyone!

  48. Jeff

    Hi Guys,
    Cool bus, great that you are doing this trip. There is plenty of time for work later.
    I converted a bus many moons ago, around 1975. The one thing that we did not have on board and should have was a co2 monitor.
    If you do not have one on the bus please stop at the next hardware store and buy one. If you are strapped for cash I will send you the funds.

    • Hank Butitta

      Now that we’ve added a cooktop, that’s a great idea. Who knows what’s seeping up from that exhaust system…

      • Mike

        I completely second that notion. Do not go another day without one.

  49. Eugene

    What an amazing project, journey, and adventure! Looking forward to reading how the rest of the trip unfolds.

    • Hank Butitta

      It’s a heck of an adventure! I’ll try cranking these posts out for you as soon as I can! 😉

  50. Jonathan

    brother, love your work.

    I especially appreciate the versatility of the design and the correlative multiple use functionality of the space.

    If I were to attempt a similar rebuild, would there be an option to get access to plans and such to mimic the approach?


    • Hank Butitta

      I’m particularly proud of the flexible functionality. There are certainly quirks to work out, but it’s been a very hospitable space to use!

      I’d like to make plans available for anyone to use, but it’s going to take some organization of my materials first. Keep an eye out, I hope to have them up on this site before the year is over!

      • Ann

        really, you need to write a book! DETAILS, pictures, drawings, and lots of commentary about how it was to live in it.

        This is a wonderful blog!

  51. Chrystal

    if you are passing through Costa Mesa, please stop by and see us. We are always excited to meet fellow open road enthusiasts!

    Roadtrip Nation

  52. Nathan

    Heya! I see you’re bound for SF shortly. As a fellow bus enthusiast (who can’t afford to do it just yet) I’d love to buy you a beer and see your mothership first hand. Feel free to get in touch!

    • Hank Butitta

      It’s tough to turn down free beer, but we already cruised on through SF, sorry we missed you! May all your bus dreams come true!

  53. Bowhaus

    What? Portland Oregon, but not Portland Maine???

    • Hank Butitta

      Next time! (Plus, what an incredible user name.)

  54. Corissa

    Your bus is so beautiful!! This is one of my dad’s life-long dreams; to buy a school bus and transform it to the “Cool Bus”. This is inspiring!!

  55. Anna

    What a great project and adventure! I admire your passion and hope to read more about your expedition in your future blog entries. I came upon your site while reading an article about the bus on the NY Daily News website. Safe journey.

    • Hank Butitta

      There a few more adventures that will be posted soon! Thank you so much for the well wishes!

  56. Harry Hannigan

    Let me know if you need anything once you hit SoCal. I’m in Hollywood, and I can at least treat you guys to a couple beers.

  57. Linda Norheim

    My husband and I did the same thing in 1977 except there was a set of bunk beds for the children. It was fun! Wish many times we had not sold it to someone else to enjoy!

  58. Martie

    I love the bus and your writing!! You should put it into book form!!

  59. Mary Jo

    Ohhh, I’m so envious of your travels! I made that route also in 1986, ending up in Bozeman. Frankly, I was also underwhelmed by Old Faithful AND Mount Rushmore. Both major letdowns. I did get excited by the Tetons and a side trip to the Lewis & Clark Caverns (somewhere in that vincinity). I LOVE your blog…oh to be young again 🙂

    • Hank Butitta

      The scripted spots are too sanitized, and overhyped, I love all the discoveries along the way!

  60. Paula M

    If you ever decide to take your journey up north in Canadian territory, come visit Montreal 🙂 You are welcome here. What you guys did was my childhood dream house, now I know it’s more than possible to buy one…right? I hope so, because it’s pure genius what you accomplished. Hands down, brothers!

  61. J Kretschmer

    One of my architecture college classmates posted your story on Facebook and that’s how I learned about you and your bus. As an architect I’ve been looking at alternative construction for several years including reuse of shipping containers. I’d really love to see your bus in person. I’ve noticed that you are skipping through Silicon Valley. Any chance I could tempt you to stop at the Google Campus in Mountain View, California for a lunch break and tour?

    • Hank Butitta

      Oh my god that sounds like fun, I’m really bummed we didn’t get in touch before we left the bay area, seeing the google campus would have been incredible! Thanks so much for the offer.

  62. Mary Jo

    Ha! I mentioned the Lewis & Clark Caverns in my other post and then proceeded on to this day of your blog. Very nice 🙂 You mentioned that small hole part of the cavern that you kinda had to slide down to get to another part of the cave…we were with my bf’s brother, a disabled Vietnam Vet. Not sure the extent of his injuries but he walked VERY stiff from arthritis and he slid down that hole without any complaining. He had been there before and was anxious to show us the cavern. Very awesome eh? That was def. a highlight. I, too, never thought much of Montana, until I got there and saw mountains for the first time in my life. For YEARS..I felt strong yearnings to go back to the mountains. Never have. I live on the Michigan/Ontario border on the Canadian side (SSM). anyway….too much info…your travels just made me think back to my own travels out there…I’m happy. thx.

    • Hank Butitta

      Glad you had as much fun there as we did! Thanks!

  63. Ern

    This is insane and cool!! Are you coming to New York????

    • Kevin Johnson

      If the Empire State does make it on the Bucket list I know many Architecture Students in Central New York that would love the opportunity to chat and appreciate the project!

      • Hank Butitta

        We’re hoping to head east next time!

  64. Danielle

    This is amazing and I like how you can turn the twin beds into seats and then into a Queen Sized bed, I’ve been looking for an affordable easy way to do that in a bedroom setting. This is incredible and I really commend you for your hard work and creativity. If your coming to NY I now so many people who would love to see this!

    • Matt

      ” I like how you can turn the twin beds into seats and then into a Queen Sized bed, I’ve been looking for an affordable easy way to do that in a bedroom setting. This is incredible and I really commend you for your hard work and creativity.”

      This is probably the lease creative design element, as it’s copied straight out of a 1960s VW Combi / Caravanette. In that example the board which spans the seats to make a bed also doubles as a table.

  65. Stephen

    Here is the link John Date is referring to:

    I can say that if you think 25 mph is slow, trying bicycling up the Rockies and Cascades with 40 or so pounds of stuff on your bicycle as you ‘take your lane’ to ensure you don’t get clipped by RV’s with their extended mirrors.

    Nevertheless, your trip reminds me of my Bikecentennial trips in 1976 & 1980 when I rode from Pueblo, CO to Yorktown, Va and then from Portland, Or to Williamsburg, VA. Ah, those were the days my friend.

    I just found your site from a story in the New York (City) Daily News.

    • Hank Butitta

      That sounds like a mighty route to be pedaling! I bet there are stories to be told from that trip!

  66. ti pha nerd

    Hello. I am in the middle of my own bus conversion project.
    I’m curious. what is the R value of the insulation used to cover the walls?
    Do you have insulation in the roof as well as the walls? Also what kind of insulation did you use?
    Do you plan on adding a shower?
    Have you considered using a composting toilet instead of attaching plumbing? Way less toxic/easy to install and used by the coast guard!!
    What are you doing for heat?
    Where is/how are you storing your greywater?
    Are you running your lights off a house battery bank? What kind of batteries are you using?
    Also, I believe it illegal to paint a school bus yellow that is not actually being used as a school bus.
    I’d be curious to know if there are any camp grounds that turn you away.
    Do you plan on attempting to stay in parking lots when you are in major cities?

    Enjoy your adventure. I hope to learn from your journey.

  67. Daniel

    I just stumbled onto this adventure you’re having today and I’ve been hooked. It’s too bad I didn’t find this before you guys came through my hometown of Portland! At least you guys had the chance to try the food carts before you left on your journey. Enjoy your trip guys. I’ll be back often to read about your progress.

    • Hank Butitta

      Don’t worry, I’ll be back for more food truck action soon enough.

  68. Zan Gibbs

    Oh I am so sad I just found out about this! I live in a converted school bus in Portland OR, and would have had you over had I known! If you ever come back, get in touch (my bus doesn’t move anymore). Bus life is awesome.

    • Hank Butitta

      So cool! Rock on bus life!

  69. Doug C

    Great adventure you have going there, Montana is a wonderful experience, next time try it further north…

    So I was hoping you wouldn’t ignore us here in Spokane on your way west, we are not quite as obvious as P-town or the emerald city but we do have a welcoming ‘alternative’ culture here, next time give us a try, if you dig you’ll find us welcoming and with our own version of heaven 🙂
    Good luck in your travels, I’m envious!

    • Hank Butitta

      Sorry I didn’t give a mention, but we stopped for coffee in Spokane and loved it, so walkable! Thanks!

  70. Wendy

    This is great to see. I love your pull up privacy blinds keeping it light with no overhead storage and the extensive use of ply. Has it made the bus too heavy? I’m in New Zealand and I have a smaller bus like yours (an old school bus from USA) ready to convert. I will be following your trip with anticipation.

  71. John Burkett

    Greetings from SE Portland. Sorry I missed the bus. As a veteran of RV and boat camping, I found amusement at your description of battery issues. I love the 3.2KW Onan generator in my RV, but my brother yanked the one out of his RV-desiring the space instead.

    Best wishes for a safe and blessed journey.

    • Hank Butitta

      It’ll be a while before I can afford an Onan! But maybe a honda… Thanks for the well wishes!

      • Ann

        keep checking online. I’m amazed at the buys my husband has made of used low use high ticket items for our RV. Some ridiculously cheap! Just keep looking.

  72. Steve Davis

    Nice. Yeah I think 900 sq ft is perfect for a family with 1-2 kids. I personally feel I need about 400 as a single to be happy, then add on a wife, maybe 600 total, then 200 for each kid. The average american home is over double the size it was in the 50’s and that was when people were also living more densely, so on average each person has 3.1x more living space.

    • Hank Butitta

      Right? Why is the value of home based entirely on square footage? 900sqft is a bit cozy, but totally doable! Thanks for the comment!

  73. Shawn

    Doesn’t look like your going through Nebraska (I’m in Omaha) but if you ever make it down here with your bus I would love to see it!

  74. vivian

    Legitimately geeking out over your bus. Have you already gone through SF? I would love to visit you and your ride!

    • Hank Butitta

      Vivian, we already left! We had a heck of a ride through Berkeley, sorry we missed you!

  75. Jamie Griffiths

    Where are you now? Your last post was ten days ago.. with that ominous description of a thump-ing sound as you drove away… from Portland!!! How’s it going?

    • Hank Butitta

      Slowly filling in the gaps, but we’re all good! Thanks for the concern!

  76. Remona

    “A Tour of the Bus | Hank Bought A Bus” ended up being
    a truly good blog post, . Keep composing and
    I’m going to continue to keep following! Many thanks ,Patricia

  77. Valya

    Yes: your blog is going to explode in about a hot radiator second… Just missed you guys on the freeway, I’d bet, coming the other way last week -back- from Oregon in an RV that my other half has so perfectly-electrically-monitored with precision charge times when needed, I’m always either amazed or on the edge of my seat, so I feel for you on the constant powerdrain fingernail biting.
    Wishing you the ultimate of fun over frenzy in this trip (and I know you’ll have it!) — somehow, I have a feeling this journey is not only going to give you a lifetime of memories, but just as many opportunities. Soak up every second…(and always stop for ‘the experiences’…they’ll be worth it, and you’ll never regret ‘making up that one hour on the road’.)

    • Hank Butitta

      Our battery is hovering at 50% so it might be time to start biting nails!
      We’re having some great experiences, and seeing some great opportunities pop up, so glad I took the risk!

      Best of luck on future RV adventures!

  78. Rodrigo Bustamante

    Espectacular!!! Piensar visitar Suramerica? Suerte en tu proyecto!!!

  79. Camille Kingué


    We are Intersection Magazine. We heard about your creation and we are very interested in mobile home that you made starting from a bus. So, we thought that it would be interesting to deal with it in our next September issue. If it is suitable for you, it is mostly about having HD photographs of the bus and a press file, if it is possible.

    Awaiting an answer,

    Yours faithfully,

    Camille Kingué

    Camille Kingué

    t : + 33 (0)1 40 38 81 83
    m : +33 (0)6 03 29 26 94

    44 rue Lucien Sampaix
    75010 Paris, France

    • Justin Evidon

      Hi Camille,

      Thank you for your interest. We would be happy to discuss your request with you and will be in contact next week once we have completed our journey.

    • Paul

      Don’t forget to let us all know when the article is published!

  80. qRBILF1sGQ

    284659 17691Superb read, I lately passed this onto a colleague who has been performing a bit research on that. And the man truly bought me lunch because I came across it for him smile So allow me to rephrase that: Appreciate your lunch! 136060

  81. Raymond

    Let me know if you happen to hit Alkmaar (The Netherlands)
    O wait nevermind 😀 The bus cannot fly 😛

    Nice project tho ! I hope you are having fun with it !

  82. Julia

    A late-comer to your website, although – given that I found you via a Facebook link from the Trust for Public Land – I’m guessing that the flood cometh. Anyway, the bus is fantastic, as is your journey, and Portland. I look forward to reading future posts!

    • Hank Butitta

      Thanks so much!

  83. Jenne

    Hi! Saw this link in my cousin’s Facebook. Your reader profiles has just reached the PHILIPPINES! hehehe 🙂 II think your Bus is Amazing! Loved reading your blog. Looking forward to more stories. God bless you in your travels.

    • Hank Butitta

      Going international! yeah! Thanks!

  84. Lauren Wilson

    Hi Hank! I work at the National Building Museum with our teen architecture, urban planning, and design build programs. Any chance you’ll be passing through DC sometime soon?

    • Henry

      From one Hank to another, that’s an invitation you should not pass up. If you’ve never been to the National Building Museum, it is worth a trip for the visit alone. If the invitation is to be part of an exhibit or workshop, what are you waiting for?

    • Hank Butitta

      We’re hoping to pass through that neighborhood on our next tour, and that sounds like a fantastic stop, let’s keep in touch!

  85. Ashley

    Awesome travels! You should add a contact page so people can ask questions and see if they can meet up with you. Looks like you are traveling through Denver. Looking for people to hang out with?

  86. jodisteeves

    Such a cool journey!! I still say the bus should come to Canada though!!

    • Hank Butitta

      Maybe next round?

  87. Di

    If you make it to PA I have a 79 motor home that has been sitting for 5 yrs since my. Dads illness/ he would love to see you do that with his- free it you want it.

  88. John

    My son is between majors and partially retired in Portland. Where everyone has three part time jobs, none over 15 hours a week, in the service industry. Fancy restaurant to pay the bills, brewpub for drink discounts and food cart for the adrenaline rush. Of course the only transportation he has is a fixed gear beater bike.

    • Hank Butitta

      I know, it’s the best place ever, right?

  89. Kristina

    Congratulations. This is a wonderful project and not just because it is a novelty. I’m an artist in San Francisco and in my neighborhood, the Mission, I take morning walks where I have seen an increasing number of car, truck, and van campers parked along the streets due to the rising, prohibitive cost of housing here. Recently, tents have also been popping up with more frequency. If you plan to come to San Francisco next, I would like to show you this if you are interested. (send me a mail) There is now a necessity for this type of housing in cities such as SF. Perhaps people here can take some ideas and inspiration from your project.

    • Hank Butitta

      I really hope the people who are considering tiny life get the chance to see this project! I’m sorry we missed you in San Francisco, it would have been great to see people living the tiny life, even if it is from necessity.

  90. SK Gorms

    Hey fabulous trip and what a great bus! Where are you now? If you pass through Ukiah, CA-heart of Mendocino county, you are welcome to park your bus in my driveway and explore the small town wine country.

    • Hank Butitta

      We already checked out of CA, but wine country does sound like a nice break from driving…

  91. John

    My friend also has a bus that he’s converted into more of an RV with bunk beds, couches, seating, and ski/board racks, but nothing like this. We took it to Lake Tahoe on a ski trip last year, and it was an amazing experience.

    When/where will you stop in Denver/CO? I would love to meet you, check out the bus, and hear about problems/improvements/etc. and compare notes with my bus trip experience. I’m seriously considering doing this now. I love the idea of the tiny house revolution, but to have the added mobility is a plus.

  92. Charlene Pursey

    Hi, I love this whole concept. I hope you’re listening to Steve Earle’s newest cd (The Low Highway) while you’re on the road. wishing you & all with you well

    • Hank Butitta

      We’ll have to look him up! Thanks for the well wishes!

  93. Debbie Burgess

    It is great to see a fully converted school bus again. My parents had converted a large Red Baron into a caper with Bunk beds at the mid to back and had so much space and comfort added as well. We are a large family and it worked great to travel in all summer long.

    • Hank Butitta

      That sounds like a blast! Bus life isn’t all that bad, is it?

  94. Kristina Von Kroug

    Awesome conversion! If you are still in the Portland area — shoot us an email, we’d love to interview you for our book and blog, or meet up somewhere down the road! — Congrats and safe travels!

    • Hank Butitta

      Shoot! We scuttled out of there a while ago. If you’d like some photos or want to do an interview, let us know! Otherwise stay in touch and we’ll cross paths eventually!

  95. Esther

    Beautiful! Love the flexible furniture arrangements.

    We’re building a tiny house and would be curious to see what an architect thinks of it. If you plan to spend considerable time in your creation (whether that be living in it or traveling), seems to me you’d have an eye for details, function, and “doability” that an architect working in theory might not!

    Well done!

    • Hank Butitta

      Thank you! It’s a heck of a learning experience! The trials of the road are teaching me a fair amount about proper detailing! Good luck with your tiny home design! I hope it turns out nice and cozy!

  96. Josiah Werning

    Justin… those photos…. daaayum.

    • Hank Butitta

      Making us look good 🙂

      • Ann

        Congrats on the bus. We did that many years ago, raising the roof a foot, even, then lived on it for 3 years! Loved it.

    • Ann

      Gotta second Josiah’s sentiment, “… those photos…. daaayum.”

  97. Ethan

    This is quiet fantastic! I encourage you to take a slight detour off I-70 and come to Manhattan, Kansas. We have a great school of architecture here and would really like to check out the bus, get to know you guys, and show you a bit of our little gem!

    • Hank Butitta

      We’re flying straight through Kansas to visit a friend, but I’m starting to think about taking a tour of some architecture schools, it would be a lot of fun! Stay in touch!

  98. Ceri

    Hi- love your conversion. Reminds me of my childhood in the 1950s.- Dad was in the Royal Air Force (UK) and we often had to live in caravans waiting for quarters to be available..The biggest was about the size of your bus. Most furniture had double uses, eg the double bed came down from the wall but when it was up, the legs dropped down to make shelves for lights and a table dropped down from underneath the bed. One end of the van was bathroom/kitchen but differently divided from yours, ie lengthwise not across the van, so that they were back to back – there was a toilet and a bath and sink on one side, and a galley kitchen the other side. We used Calor Gas for cooking, and for lighting. The gas mantles used to purr! We had a small but very efficient stove for heating the van. We did use a tent for the washing machine and storing bicycles etc. This housed my parents and three children.It was a very happy home, nothing so cosy as lyingsnug in a caravan bed while the rain pounds on the roof ! Wish you much joy in your stunningly beautiful bus home.

    • Hank Butitta

      What a cool story about the tiny living you’ve done, I love all the multi-purpose furniture! Thanks for the well wishes!

  99. Logan Meckley

    Hey hank, we did the same thing last September and started our 3 1/2 month long journey.

    Check it out @

    • Hank Butitta

      Cool trip guys! I’d love to see some shots of the interior though!

  100. Chris Starkey

    I have beene a tiny house fan for about 2 or 3 years and I have come across your bus. Totally awesome looks nice clean wood and it’s not dark wood either totally useful space. Now the thing I would like to talk to you about I would like to do something similar but I have a question as to how you got the wood panel to arch so nicely with the top curve of the roof. and would you mention the type of woo you used and did you have to apply a veiniear to the wood. how did you scure the wooden walls to the inner walls sorry I know its a lot but this has me considering doing something sumiler for my own personal traviling and tempory crash pad for work
    thank you

    • Hank Butitta

      The ceiling is made of 1/4 plywood that is held in place by compression alone! At some point I’d like to share the plans, but I have to get my work organized first!

  101. Grant

    I agree with John Date, don’t even consider a flush toilet in a vehicle like this. Composting toilet is much simpler and will save a ton of weight.

    Regarding your overheating problems, there are several things you can do to help alleviate the problem. Firstly, make sure you have the best shrouding around the radiator that you can. All air coming in through the grill should go through the radiator, not around it. This may require some cheap aluminum or thin steel sheet and some elbow grease, but it’s worth it. Secondly, consider additives like Water Wetter that allow the cooling system to work more efficiently. Lastly, consider hooking up an active cooling device to the radiator. The easiest way is to use a simple 12V windshield washer pump (or divert your current pump, if it’s seldom used) and a few gallons of water to spray water through a hose and nozzle onto the front of the radiator. The evaporative cooling effect will really help to lower radiator temperatures when you’re going slow and not getting much air through the grill.

    Good luck!

    • Hank Butitta

      If we take any more long haul journeys I’ll definitely look into the overheating tips, it gets tiresome pulling over all the time! And as soon as I can afford to invest in a composter I’d love to get rid of this portable! Thanks!

  102. Leigh

    Wonderful blog and so many gorgeous photos. May I ask what kind of camera you use for the photos and the video?

    Looking forward to following your journey. Good luck!

    • Hank Butitta

      Justin is shooting with a MKII and MKIII, the images are indeed pretty fantastic.

  103. Maddie

    Fantastic project! I’m so glad architecture school didn’t destroy your creativity and resourcefulness (as it all-too-often does). Congratulations.

    • Hank Butitta

      Thank you! You gotta keep that fire in your belly!

  104. Nirmala

    I love all those photos, all the feelings and sensations they transmit. I’d love to go with you guys!

    • Hank Butitta

      It’s a heck of a ride!

  105. Reclamation Administration

    Hi Hank and Bus,

    We wanted to let you know that we created a post on The Reclamation Administration about you (we say you on Colossal).

    Hope you like it, but let us know if you want to make any edits. Great work!


    • Hank Butitta

      Thanks for the post, we appreciate it!

  106. Dave

    Hey Bus Guys! Since you’re almost in my neighborhood, might I suggest a detour on Hwy 395 along the Eastern Sierra? If you happen to come through Bishop, I’d be stoked to show you around.

    • Hank Butitta

      I think we already flew through Bishop, but it would have been great to have a host. Thanks for the offer!

    • Iowa

      Hey Dave…I lived in Bishop for 7th and 8th grade in the trailer park. Wow, ironic I stumble across this website and see someone from Bishop. Would love to go back there. Too bad my hubby doesn’t like to travel.

  107. S. (Steve) Maurice Krumrey

    Hey Hank,
    I’m a cousin of your Mom. My Mother (Theo) is your Grandfather Harlan’s oldest sister – Theo (Armson) Krumrey. Your Grandfather sent me the article form the Deavan paper a week or so ago, and I’ve been meaning to drop you a line, but I’m a little behind.

    My wife and I live in Fremont, CA and thought that if you’re near Fremont youi should give us a call and maybe we could get toghter for an hour or so and “decide the state of the free world.”

    I’m not sure the bus would fit into our narrow streets, but perhaps I/we could meet up somewhere, if your parked. Perhaps youi’ve already passed by, but just in case, my business cell is 510-290-4186.

    In any case have a great time with your adventure.

    • Hank Butitta

      Our posts are a bit behind schedule, and we’ve already made our way east from CA. Thanks for the offer though, it would have been great to swing through! Grandpa has a way of letting people know what’s going on 😉

  108. Suzy

    Do you ever have a hard time finding a place to stop for the night? I’ve always wanted to do a bus conversion and do exactly what you are doing, but I was discouraged when I noticed in a Camp USA campground catalog that a lot of the campgrounds didn’t allow bus conversions.

    • Hank Butitta

      Sometimes we have to scurry around a bit to find a spot, but for being on the road three weeks, we’ve had surprisingly little trouble! We haven’t had any campgrounds complain, but we also tend to show up late and don’t usually find the need to tell them it was once a bus…

  109. Cynthia Speed

    Your living my dream….love the photos and your reflections…wow…I am cheering you on!

    • Hank Butitta

      Thanks, we’re having a blast!

  110. Deborah

    My question is simple: Bathroom? Do you have one? What kind? How? etc….
    That’s my biggest drawback to doing something like this (although I’d probably go tiny house as opposed to bus conversion).

    • Hank Butitta

      We’ve got a compartment in the back with a portable toilet. We use restaurants and rest stops when we can, but it’s terrible handy on the road!

  111. Wendy

    If you’re coming through Boulder, we’d love to host you for paella night.

    • Hank Butitta

      Wendy! Unfortunately we’re cruising straight through Colorado to meet our friend in KC. It’s too bad because I’m not one to turn down a home-cooked meal. Thanks so much for the offer!

  112. Sam

    When you come through Utah, stop in Salt Lake. You probably won’t find many good bars in dry country, but you might be surprised by how charming it is. (And I’d like to see the bus…)

  113. Ruben Camberos

    It´s an incredible way to see and take control of one of the main problems in this time, i hope you can give me an e mail to be in touch or a phone number to talk about something i have in mind here in mexico. i´m sharing your website in my personal FB wall and an architecture magazine that i have. have a safe trip.

    • Hank Butitta

      My email is in the bio section, I’m curious to hear what you’re thinking!

  114. Michael Rybin

    Fantastic idea! Daily ~ please write a brief comment about your experience regarding the architectural design and functionality of the bus. What do you like the most or the least about the chairs, the cushions, the windows, the bed, etc? What would you keep the same or what improvements would you make?

    I guess you are giving people all around the country tours of your bus. Please include their comments in your daily blog.

    Most importantly, anyone who spends a day or more traveling or sleeping or eating on the bus will have a totally different experience and perspective. Please include their comments too. The challenge will be to ask effective and objective non-leading questions. I call this the “Voice of the Customer”. Thanks for sharing!

  115. andy

    Very impressive. I bet it smells awesome in there. You and Jay Nelson should pair up on a project.

    • Hank Butitta

      I’ve seen his toyota camper on the internet before, pretty radical stuff. What a gnarly aesthetic!

  116. Sarah

    I’m a little bit obsessed with your blog. And your bus. And the fact that you’re out there doing this. And I badly want to paint that grey bus and make it’s outside match how fantastic the inside is! You know, in a cool minimalist way, not like the Scooby Doo bus or anything…

    I’m a traveling mural artist. Stop by my blog if you have an interest in reading about another adventurer who took a leap at doing something different. And if your bus would like a paint job one day, now you know an artist who could do it!

    • Hank Butitta

      Your illustrtions and murals are gorgeous! I’m very much a spatial person, and am terrible with colors and 2D artwork, which is why the bus is still gray. I’d love to hear what thoughts you have for the exterior! Thanks for sharing your work!

  117. Derrick

    This looks awesome! Are you by chance stopping in Kansas City? If so, there are lots of people interested in chatting. Please send me an email at

  118. Holly

    where did you get your translucent window panes?

    • Hank Butitta

      I assembled them from multiple layers of twin-wall plastic, check out

      • Holly

        I imagine it wouldn’t be to hard to place a second layer of the corrugated plastic in an opaque black in the sleeping area for those who like to sleep in the pitch dark. Another question about the windows the frame is assembled using? OH i think the bus is amazing.

      • adin

        any chance that you’ll post plans of your mods?

        • Hank Butitta

          We hope to share plans once I get them organized!

  119. Kelvin Xu

    Do you guys give rides to anybody?

    • Hank Butitta

      Mostly friends and family, it’s roomy, but not THAT roomy!

  120. Emily

    Hello, Hank! Very intrigued by your project! Looking forward to future blog postings and images. Best of luck to you and your mates as you journey through the west coast in your magical school bus. xo

    • Hank Butitta

      Why does everyone assume it’s a magic school bus!? But seriously, it’s so much fun!

  121. Emily

    Oh, yeah! This shout-out comes from Ohio! You’re an inspiration to people all over the country! xo

    • Hank Butitta

      Thanks so much!

  122. Jane

    what happens to the bus when you’re done?

    • Hank Butitta

      Someday it will be parked and used as cabin, but for now it’s too fun to use for road trips!

      • Jeanne

        What you’ve done with the interior looks great! Once you get it parked you should post it on Airbnb and rent it out to people!

        • Hank Butitta

          We get a lot of suggestions for Airbnb, I’m going to have to start seriously considering it!

  123. Chere

    When you get to L.A. you should stop through SCI-ARC. Park in their lot and let me know when the tour is.
    Cool. BTW Minnesota is way cool, I went to college there too.

  124. Lauren

    I do wish y’all were coming to Texas! I would love to see this awesome bus in person! Have fun on your travels!

  125. Kyle Hansen

    I am a lowly Tech in Silicon Valley. I grew up in the far northeastern reaches of Minnesota. A friend clued me into your trip. I am thoroughly interested and involved from here. If you are ever near Alameda California (San Fran) let me know. I will help in any way I can.

    Thanks for the good reading material as I rebuild Macbook Pro’s late into the night.

  126. Kyle Hansen

    I already had a spot ready for you in Alameda. 10 minutes from Berkeley. And I had bacon. Good job.!!! Finding parking in Berkeley is a pain. Finding parking for a BUS in Berkeley is unreal.

  127. Andres

    Shoot. I would’ve loved to have seen your bus when you were in town (just read about it on Grist). I hope you come visit again!

  128. Gwenny

    Hi Hank! Whow, congratulations with your project! I just found your story via a link on a Belgian newspapper :-).
    Regards from Belgium, Gwenny

    • Hank Butitta

      That’s awesome! Do you know where I can find that article!?

    • Bram, Belgium

      This is the link. The “article” is somewhat brief.

      Amazing project and beautiful pictures.

      Godspeed to all of you !

      • Hank Butitta

        Thank you!

  129. Emmanuelle Bourrillon


    Here is an article published in the French newspaper Le Figaro about your bus initiative –

    Keep up with the great work!


  130. Scottt

    Looks amazing! If you are going by Humboldt CA check this guy out

    Looks like he is doing what you did..

    Safe journey

  131. Peter JM Visser

    Hai Hank,
    From The Netherlands: Holy Mo! That’s a great job/project/tour. keep it save on the road.
    The outside the next project?

  132. iva

    Great idea!!! Can we rent your bus? 😉

  133. Xena Belle

    Looks like an awesome project. My father did something very similar to a van back in the 70’s, then he, my mom and three daughters hit the road for a 6-week vacation from Ga to Oregon.
    Surprisingly, he never took one photo of the interior of the van!
    But I can tell you we had a pop-up top where one sister and I slept, a cot-type bed which encompassed the front area, which was where my other sister slept.
    The back end had seats and a table which lowered and the cushions made a bed and storage underneath.
    We had a sink and stove, but most of our cooking and dish washing took place outside.

    I still don’t know how my dad made that trip!

    You should team up with a graphic design student and do a really cool paint job on the exterior.

  134. Cami

    Have ever thought about doing a cross country trip from California to Maine? Your ideas are so innovative. Good Luck!

  135. Sage

    This story is amazing. I had the opportunity to do something like this before, with a bus as well, and I didn’t. I regret not doing, but I will in the near future! Can’t wait to read more.

  136. Kristina

    I would just marry you. Wonderful project!

  137. Sean Shanks

    Hank – Nice job on a quick conversion. Keeping it simple. We are surrently living full time in our bus and are having a blast doing it. There are always challenges along the way. Can’t wait to see what you are able to change/do to your bus over your trip and how everything turns out.


  138. Holly

    such a cool idea 🙂 thank you for sharing your journey; what’s next?

  139. Jim

    Love your thoughts. This is the creativity that started the RV industry. I RV and see a lot of the older trailers and buses that have been converted or recreated. Keep up the good work. Who knows this may be your future.

  140. Charlie Crystle

    very cool. you should get the app at to help document your trip…

  141. Katrien

    Here’s an article published on the Belgian newspaper website De Standaard:



    • Hank Butitta

      Crazy! It’s spreading so far!

  142. Cyndi Minister

    Thank you so much for sharing your inspirational story. I’m blown away by the photography and your writing is absolutely captivating. Can’t wait to read what happens next.

    • Hank Butitta

      Thank you so much!

  143. Anaïs

    Wow your project is awesome, your pictures are wonderful, it’s a pleasure to visit your website and follow your road trip.
    French blogger enjoying your adventure, thank you for that!

    It’s such a dream came true for you isn’t it?

    • Hank Butitta

      It’s unreal, thank you!

  144. Caroline from La France !

    Hi Hank , you’re a big star here in France too (Le Figaro Top 3 newspaper in France).

    I don’t see Paris on the planned itinerary but would love to meet you guys =)

    Have fun !


    • Hank Butitta

      That’s awesome! I’ll have to float the boat over!

  145. Kristine

    Looks as though you’re having an amazing time on your adventure! One of the principals at an Architectural firm in Providence, RI passed along your page. The design is ingenious, can’t wait to see where you go next!

    • Hank Butitta

      Is he hiring? 😉

      • Kristine

        Looking for an Interior Designer at the moment, will keep you posted!

  146. Lucas J

    I’m sorry if you have already answered this question, but where did you get the gym floor?

    • Hank Butitta

      At a lumberyard that had awesome reclaimed stuff in Minneapolis.

  147. LK

    Your bus is AMAZING! But I have to say, as someone who spends most of her year living on a tour bus, seeing the pillows at the front end of the beds scares me. If anyone is laying there while the bus is in motion always remember “feet forward”.
    Anyway, brilliant work, very inspiring. Happy and safe travels!

    • Hank Butitta

      That’s great advice! We’ll switch it up! Happy touring!

  148. jim williams

    haven’t seen any blog since day 12. am I missing something?

    • Hank Butitta

      We’ve got more on the way!

  149. jim williams

    any posts after day 12?

    • Hank Butitta

      They’re coming!

  150. Gene

    Hi, found a story about your trip on a french newspaper (LeFigaro).
    Great story, beautiful pics – Best wishes on your journey !

    • Hank Butitta

      So glad it crossed the pond! Thank you!

  151. Kirsty

    I’m speechless and totally inspired by this! Will be following along!

    • Hank Butitta

      Thank you!

  152. Brad Thackrey

    Hey, your bus is looking really good. When I went to college in Alex City Al. I was in a rock band and the guitar player bought an old school bus and we started making it into a camper like home. of course we thought we were going to travel all over playing but that didn’t happen. He got divorced and went to Jackson Miss. to take studio engineering. The time we spent on it was an experience i’ll never forget. Have a good time with this guys. Also you might want to build aluminum racks on top for storage or water tanks or those can also be put underneath with a pump. Goo Luck.

    • Hank Butitta

      The roof racks are coming for sure! Bus living is a trip, right!?

  153. Jackie Brenner-Shanley

    …about all i could muster was to leave all i knew for 47 years when i moved, with 3 suitcases, to england and married my soul-mate hubby….well, it was quite brave for me….but thanks for taking what so many of us think about and giggle about thinking about in the privacy of our minds and doing it and sharing it!!! cant wait to see the rest of this journey because i know you have so very many more to cover in your lifetime! keep safe and happy…and accept the set-backs because they are part of life to help us cherish the good times!

  154. tricia

    Hi Hank. Just spent the last hour (yes, while at work in a stationary office) read-riding along on your adventures. Safe journey. Keep up the fun! Here is the link to the article that I stumbled across and luckily found you.


    • Hank Butitta

      Tell your boss I’m sorry! Thanks for coming along!

  155. Cindy Wold

    Hi there! Where are you guys today? Wondering when you will be in the Spokane Wa or Coeur d Alene ID area…..I would live a chance to see your cool bus! Happy and safe traveling to you! ps. It’s been beautiful weather here lately. CdA is only about 40 minutes from Spokane and the scenic downtown area is worth a visit. The lake is one of the most beautiful in the US

    • Hank Butitta

      Sorry, you missed us! It was a gorgeous drive through CO though!

  156. Biko

    Awesome project, I hope it leads to a few nice opportunities.

  157. Kristina

    How does the table raise and lower? I am interested in building something like that in our small kitchen so that my son can use the table at his height and then I can raise the table for meals to an adult height.

    • Hank Butitta

      There are bolts mounted into the wall, and the back side of the table has a steel plate with notches that slide over the bolts.

  158. Franziska Steinmann

    Your blog was a feature in the Ron Orp Newsletter of Lucerne, Switzerland today. Congratulations on the wonderful pictures, the stories and most of all of the great bus conversion. We have a converted vintage lorry ourselves. It’s not as artful done as yours, but it has to be usefull after all. We’re doing quite some travelling around Europe in it.
    I’m looking forward to further post from your journey!

  159. SB

    So tell us more about your water supply … kitchen and bathroom… shower too?

    • Hank Butitta

      Right now it’s just a foot-pump sink, with big 7 gallon containers under the sink. The next round will have large tanks underneath.

  160. Curran Bishop

    I think you should build a retro-looking roofrack (with a wooden slat “cargo” deck) between the skylights that could serve as a deck for sitting on (the pic of you watching the sunrise from the roof inspired me).

    This is an awesome project, and I love how you pulled it off/the result. Great Job!

    • Hank Butitta

      A roof-rack/deck is a must! We love using the roof and it could be much more functional.

  161. Tim

    On the way through Colorado you need to see the fully restored 1906 Carosel in Burlington, CO. It is on I-70 ten miles west of Kansas. The carousel is located at the Kit Carson fairgrounds. You can ride the carousel for 25 cents.

    • Hank Butitta


  162. Norman

    Post! Post! Post! Post!!!

    Seriously though. Great blog. Thank you.

    • Hank Butitta

      We’re so busy handling media and comments, and still trying to enjoy our journey! We’ll try to keep up!

  163. patricia boyd

    This is a great idea , I’m sure this is something you will look back on in life and remember how beautiful this country is. Keep the stories coming .Love reading about your travels .I have been in 30 of these United States and hope to get to the other 20 now that I have retired . Love the bus idea, some of the difficult times on your journey will be looked back on as the best. Safe travels to you and enjoy this great experience.

  164. Rolando Mendoza

    This looks great, awesome job. Any plans for a stop in Houston, TX?

    • Justin Evidon

      Thanks Rolando! We are hoping to embark on another trip in the future, and Houston would like be on the itinerary.

  165. fany

    Waw, fantastic what you did and it gives a feeling of space… I’m from belgium so I won’t see the bus but I will follow you and wish you great luck.

    With regards

  166. Gunner

    This is awesome! I currently live with a roommate in a duplex in Buffalo, NY while I work and pay off student loans. I have tormented my parents about where I will live once I am fully financially independent. I half jokingly tell them I would rather live in an RV than pay for a mortgage or pay rent…this is pretty much exactly what I envisioned…sans a flat screen with cable. Regardless – great work.

  167. Susan Carroll

    I would love to see more interior shots of your home and how you use it to live in. Wonderful stuff. You have great talent, and a vision that is so compeling. I am excited that you used the bus windows just as they were. As a school teacher, I have spent lots of time on school buses, and am glad to see one made comfortable for traveling and living.

  168. park kerr

    Howdy from Cloudcroft NM. my buddy Heather Blanton has a snappy converted bus here in Cloudcroft and get this: she had a fantastic band that hosts ‘band practice” in the bus every saturday night. You guys have to drive through this part of new mexcio, chill out at 9800 feet, hang with the band, and love life out here. The School Bus Gypsies are just the coolest group, have this weekly event in the bus, and all is good. Park Kerr, Cloudcroft NM.

  169. Janelle Coslo

    Great blog…..I can’t wait to read about the remainder of the trip!! Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us!!!

  170. Marissa Carnahan

    Hello Hank! Awesome adventure you guys are on. Very inspiring – I love seeing people do something unique and off the beaten path. Good luck to you guys and your life travels.


  171. Mike

    I did something similar in a ’70 lwb Ford van. It was complete with an inverter for elec. to run a small refrigerator and a hotplate. It also had plumbing for running water when in a campground and I also wired it for 120v lighting when parked. We toured a lot in it, my wife, myself, 3 kids, 2 dogs. It was a lot of fun!

  172. Jay

    Here’s an idea for your roof. You’ve got the space and it would solve your power problems.

    • Hank Butitta

      Solar cells would be a great addition, and we’re looking into it!

  173. Diana Lorene


  174. Dwayne

    wow ,thanx for posting your trip and how it all is unfolding , i’m envious, and Kuddo’s to everyone involved to. I’ve been following the small house theme for about a year , and by you doing the Bus theme it made the small living spaces theme a reality for me as well. I have been looking into doing something similar to what u and your friends have done to, by any chance ,what did your proff.s say , and what type of budget did u factor for ?like did you do a lot of refurbished mats. did u decide to do a laminate type materials for weight etc.. You folks have really peaked my interest in your design theory just from the picture ive seen so far ! WTG and gratz .

    • Hank Butitta

      By the end of the semester, the professors were all on board (although at the beginning, some of them may have thought I was crazy. In fact, they probably still think I’m crazy, but at least they’re on board!)

      The reclaimed gym flooring was my biggest re-use score, otherwise I used mostly new material.

  175. Robert R Raysor III

    Wow Just Think….If we took a “FEW” Billion from the military…..Homelessness Would Be No More…WOW This is amazing Great Work , Great Ideal!!!!!!!!…….:)

  176. patricia boyd

    Still playing catch up , just found your blog on day 12. This is such an exciting adventure for you guys. Love reading about your travels. The interesting people you meet along the way is priceless. Keep the stories coming and I ‘m back to playing catch up. Safe travels.

  177. gisela

    what a truly amazing adventure you are having, i’m enjoying reading your blogs and looking at your pictures. good luck in your future endevours and wishing continued safe journey!

  178. Alexandra

    just a little word from south of France. Thanks to you (and a little bit to the web 😉 )we ‘re travelling too, Pictures are amazing. have fun guys.

  179. jenn

    what is the gas mileage on the bus? what are you averaging? if this is meant as a longer term living model, what is the concept for placement – a mobile home park, KOA?

    thx! love this idea

    • Hank Butitta

      10mpg. It was originally intended to be parked on 80 acres of wooded land owned by my family, but it’s so much fun to drive around we’ll see what happens!

  180. patricia boyd

    Love the pictures makes me want to hit the road. Sounds like you are having a great time.

  181. Shauen

    Saw on a separate article that you’re enjoying making use of the space on top. I put a plastic lumber deck on the back 1/3rd of my International Harvester. Run two plastic lumber supports over the top of the rails, with risers on the rain gutters over the windows. Build up the frame and deck the full width of the bus! If your bus is built like mine was you don’t even compromise the integrity of the roof when you install. Relaxing in a folding chair on top of the bus at the end of the day is an experience beyond compare. Message me if you want to see a picture!

    • Hank Butitta

      I’m sooo ready to put a deck on top, we love using the roof!

  182. Betty Lou

    I want to decorate your school bus! It is an awesome blank canvas !!!!

    • Hank Butitta

      Wait, the inside or the outside?

  183. Sandra

    I too thought of this idea at one time. My latest idea is to build a self contained place for the homeless using a bicycle and a 4 x 8 sheet of plywood as a base. If you are interested in my idea, let me know and I will tell you the details and you can use it and expand on it. I want nothing in return, just to see some good come of it. Thanks

  184. FunnyfarmOR

    Beautiful sentiments, well written entries, amazing photography, your blog is going to open the eyes of countless people to the wonders of our world, doing more with less and not taking what you have for granted.

    I, like so many other readers, have been flashing back to my travels across the country over the decades. From the family station wagon pulling a 13-foot trailer, the VW camper vans, the refrigerator truck cum moving van (with myself and two siblings traveling across the U.S. in the back with our view restricted to a pass-through window to the cab) that moved us East, to our 3,000+ mile move back West in a school bus, adventures, people and places are coming back in a flood as I share in your amazing journey. The road is not always kind to our modes of transportation, but the people we are surrounded by are almost always warm, welcoming and inquisitive.

    Thank you for sharing your lives with us here.

  185. Juls

    Man, I wish I could do my school bus like yours. That’s terrific! I’m sure the ankle-biters would love to do the job themselves. lol

  186. Mo

    Love the story! Journey of a lifetime. Would love to see this continue annually!!! Enjoyed it!!

  187. kim albright

    wow amazing!!! ok just a thought no one would every be homeless my prayer for the world ..unused “junk” made into livable space which every human should have the dignity to have a home i want a bus!!! are there auction places who sell buses?

    • Hank Butitta

      In the US there are lots of “retired” school buses that have reached maximum service life, but still have plenty of drive left! You can find them affordably in a number of different places, I found mine on craigslist, but there are plenty of places you can find them!

  188. Michael Smith

    All I can say is “AWESOME”! I am an engineer by trade and a handyman by necessity. I appreciate good design, good workmanship, good execution, and good attitude. You folks have it all! This is an awesome project, awesome accomplishment, and an awesome adventure! Keep it up and best wishes!

  189. Jessica

    Stumbled upon your blog today at work and have caught up to today. Thank you for posting your adventure and letting me live a little through your journey. I will probably never get to do anything as crazy as a bus trip so I will doubly enjoy yours.

    BTW, I came upon your story through God speed on your travels.

  190. Italo

    When you make it to the SF bay area, you need to venture into Santa Cruz, CA. It’s Surf City USA and home to the 100 year old wooden roller coster. in Addition to being my home town ofcourse, I would love a tour and to host a BBQ in your honor when you get into town.

    Best of luck…Italo

  191. Annette Terrazas

    I love that you point out the fact “assumption that what was drawn was not only possible, but functional”. My husband has been in construction all his life, from Commercial to residential and anything in between. When he was in high school he took an Architectural drafting course. He said that had it not been for his history in building actual hands on work he would have made many mistakes as he has seen happen often with others who have only studied but have not actually build anything. So the comprehension comes with putting your hands in and getting them dirty to realize the full scope of your ideas.

    Best wishes on your journey!

  192. Klaus Elmfelt

    Hello Hank. I love the idea, it’s truly inspiring.. I have one question. Which bluebird did you buy. The 59 seater..?
    Happy trails.. Kind regards Klaus

  193. Rene

    Hank: What a great idea…I think if you are going as far north as Minneapolis, you and your bus should venture a bit farther north to Hayward, WI, we have a great campground and would love to have you and the bus give us a visit. Good luck with your adventure!!! Not to mention northern Wisconsin is a beautiful place to visit.

    • Hank Butitta

      As a native ‘Sconnie, I know it has a lot to offer! I always did want a cabin in the north woods, and that was the original intention for the bus! (It’s just too much darned fun to drive around!)

  194. Susan

    Hoping that Boulder is on your itinerary – would love to meet you all and see the bus – lots of interest in sustainable design and green building of all varieties here – and loads of craft breweries!
    Send an email, and if you’re in town, I’ll buy you a beer and introduce you all to great local folks doing good work and interesting projects!

    • Hank Butitta

      It’s too bad we already passed through CO, it’s tough to turn down a free brew!

  195. Clifford

    I realize that at this time, you may have neither the time, nor the money, but in the future you may wish to upgrade your engine to alleviate the under-powered and overheating one you have. Contact your local Chevy dealer, and they can fit it for a turbo charged diesel and electric cooling fan. You may also need to have your transmission gearing changed to pull the mountains easier, though that will lower your fuel mileage. A seven 70 gearing would be a good all-around ratio, giving you decent mileage on the flats, and better pulling power for the mountains. I was an over the road truck driver for 12 years if that helps. Great adventure, enjoy the beauty, and keep drinking in the sunsets. I have never seen two of the same.

    • Hank Butitta

      It’s definitely worth consideration! I still have lots of bus research to do, so thanks for the advice!

  196. JennyLark

    I told my husband I wanted to downsize to an RV. You’ve given me another idea! If you want to extend your trip and come through St Louis, we have great local beers and you might help me convince him! Good luck!

  197. Maria

    I can’t blame you for not coming through Arizona, although I would’ve LOVED to have seen this beauty in person! We’ve got some GREAT craft beer breweries…if you come through, we’ll treat ya and I’d LOVE to take some photos of this great home on wheels!
    JEALOUS doesn’t even BEGIN to cover my feelings!
    LIVE IT UP!!!

  198. Judy

    Oh, the places you’ll go! What stories you’ll tell. Keep in touch. Traveling mercies.

  199. Bryan Williams

    I truly believe you guys are living the dream. Noticed you guys are going to trek through colorado, lived there for quite a while. If you happen through Breckenridge you might check out Breckenridge Brewery, good food and beer( oatmeal stout is my favorate). As for Denver, downtown offers a plethera of micro breweries. fyi most of the time you can get two 4 or 6 oz tasters, purchase a drink and move on to the next brewery. Just a broke ass college student experience back in the day. Anyhoo will continue to follow, have fun and good luck. B

  200. Bryan Williams

    Almost forgot, Beajo’s (bo-joe’s) pizza in idaho springs co. just off I-70 is absolutely amazing

  201. Jeff P

    Just got back from Seattle myself. Your trip sounds a lot like ours, beers and food. Paseo is a magical place. That was our first stop after we landed. That sandwich will haunt my dreams for eternity. Hit a couple of breweries as well(Freemont was legit), and ate some of the best food I’ve ever had in my 28 years.
    Gas Works was just incredible. I can imagine you guys had a field day with photos. I think I would be content sitting on that hill watching sea planes come and go forever.

  202. Alex

    Hey guys and gals,

    many greets from Croatia! 🙂 I think what you have done is pure awesomeness. It looks good, It seems to work well and it makes one think -do we really need such a lifestyle where we lock ourselves up in a 30 year fixed, for a space that isn’t always what we’d like it to be and which basically makes us slaves?

    I own a small plot of land close to the city in which I live in and am currently inspecting my options… A camper van, a camper (like an airstream) or a small cabin. The main issue I see with dwellings like your bus is heating. How could it work in a colder climates? It’s probably OK for Cali but Montana…?

    Keep it up!

    • Hank Butitta

      It’s tough to tell without testing it out! We hope to have a heater in the not too distant future, hopefully it holds up!

  203. Michele

    All I can say is WOW!! between the blog and absolutely incredible photography, I am captivated. I look forward to your next installment of Hank Bought a Bus! Thank you for letting me see how beautiful our Country is.
    Good Luck on the rest of your trip. Michele

  204. Linda

    Amazing. I’ll take one! This is the way humans were meant to live. Minimally and in constant motion.

  205. fake.ono

    i was at twin lakes last week, would have loved to see this.
    i have conversion plans for a short bus.

  206. Nili

    Hank and friends,

    I was involved for many years with this bus:

    It is currently being used for educational purposes by University of Denver, captained by the same person who retrofitted it for veggie oil and road trips and habitation, Jonathan Dubinsky. You guys should totally hook up when you’re in Denver and visit each other’s busses. I think you’d have a lot to talk about. Email me offline and I’ll hook you up.

    • Hank Butitta

      Ahhhhhhh I love that bus!! I’m sorry we already passed through CO! Maybe on our next time through… I’d love to see that rig!

  207. Kevin

    What kind of gas mileage are you getting in the bus? Love the clean lines and the functionality of your build.

    • Hank Butitta

      A solid 10mpg! Thank you!

  208. Judy B

    What a fantastic voyage your on! I just found your blog and I am so enthralled with it. I sent this to my son to follow, this is right up his alley. Keep the interesting stories coming, I enjoy reading them, safe travels!!

  209. Tony

    great job guys…wishing u all the best on ur trip from Nairobi, Kenya…keep the awesome pics coming 🙂

  210. Jordan Rubendall

    So you guys made Yahoo’s frontpage.

  211. Xavier

    How much this fantastic project?

    • Hank Butitta

      I’ve spent less than $10,000 US on the conversion, but spent many months doing nothing but working on the conversion, so it’s worth much more to me 🙂

  212. Nicole P.

    This looks really cool! It doesn’t look like you guys have plans to come to the east coast though. Bummer. I would have loved to see your bus!

  213. Andre

    Good idea, well done, unforgettable project of your life.

    Andre from France

  214. Annelie

    I just found your blog through a small article in a belgian newspaper. I’m an interior designer who loves travelling, photography,… so this project of yours sounds like music to my ears. I can only tell you to enjoy every moment of your special trip, but I’m sure you already are.
    greetings from a belgian fellow traveler/designer:-)

  215. Ken

    Hey there!
    You guys are absolute pioneers. I love the simple design and I think there could be mass appeal for this. I really believe in small and affordable modular living spaces. I’m an entrepreneur and would love to talk to you guys about turning your this concept into reality with a start-up company.

    Hoping to here back from you guy!

    • Christopher

      Are you kidding me? Have you never seen a motorhome? They have been available for over 50 years……

      • Hank Butitta

        I have seen them! I didn’t particularly like them, so I bought a bus!

  216. kris

    Hi, this is awesome. What an inexpensive way to travel, ( except the gas)! Have to show the hubby. Hopefully if my son does traveling with his hockey team, this would save us a billion dollars in hotel bills over the years, and a great way to see the world! Hows the heat situation in the bus?

    • Justin Evidon

      It definitely gets a bit sticky inside when it’s warm outside, but having all of the windows still functional to open up and allow the breeze to pull through helps out a lot.

  217. brent

    When the tour is completed, how much are you selling the bus for?
    And if you aren’t selling, when are you going to refurb the next
    bus? And, how much are you selling it for?


    • Hank Butitta

      I have lots of little details to solve before I’ll be ready to build any for a client! I’m not sure yet how much one would cost…

  218. Rebecca Melson

    Want to really test out this beautiful bus, BRING IT TO ALASKA! We have toyed with the idea of buying and fixing up a bus to camp and travel in. Now I see that it is possible! Beautiful, workable, useable, space efficient. We might make this a family project! Thank you. Would love to see it if you ever make it to the Last Frontier of Alaska!



  220. Darren Clevenger

    Hi Hank! What a great project. If you make it to Southern California (anywhere near Laguna Beach) I would love to see the bus. I took a 10,000 mile 60 day road trip back in 1995, though not in an incredible bus like this. This journey will provide you amazing memories for years to come – and probably a whole bunch of new friends. I tried to journal and video as much of my trip as possible. In 95 the Internet was still an infant and cell phones were few and far between so we weren’t as connected to the rest of the world as you are on your trip. I hope you have a blast, create some great memories, and inspire others to get out and see this great country.

  221. joanne

    I am architecture docent and really enjoying this blog. I might even mention it to my audience when giving tours. Way to Go!!!

  222. harry stalder

    Seriously inspiring. Am getting a gutted 1972 Grumman aluminum motorhome, good mechanically/structurally, and plan to do the same thing. Will follow you guys. As a child of the late ’60s people used to do this, with psychedelic enhancements. If you get to south Florida, we have room for you. The Everglades and Florida Keys are beautiful and unique.

  223. harry stalder

    Forgot to mention travel book Blue Highways, by William Least Heat Moon. You may enjoy it – he used a Ford van.

    • Justin Evidon


      Thanks for your comments. I have actually been reading a copy of Blue Highways that my grandfather gave me.

  224. Alexandra

    I’ve just found your blog through a French Web-zine:

    Great Adventure! It’s awesome!

  225. Chiron

    Love what you have done with the interior. All the wood feeling is awesome. The exterior I feel would be better in another color and maybe go to a two tone for some pizazz. Let us know about parking problems and if you get reject by some campgrounds for being a school bus conversion as I have read some campgrounds don’ allow them. What is the total length of bus etc. Great job!

  226. Sarah

    To Hank and all the current inhabitants of the bus, I’m following your adventures since a few days, and I have to admit I’ve deeply fallen in love with this amazing project. What you do is GREAT. You can’t imagine how happy I am to see that this kind of vibrant experiences are still happening on Earth. I will begin studying architecture in September, and I’ve precisely chosen this way because I’ve got a strong faith in that kind of project and in people like you. You’re quite an inspiration!
    I’ll add my small contribution to the incredible wave of sympathy that you’ve aroused: if you’re someday planning a trip in Europe with your Magic Bus, I’ll be glad to host you all in Paris. These are not empty words, just let me know when needed =)
    Can’t wait to read more, good luck dude!

  227. Jim

    Hey I’m one of those Mormons you met at Yellowstone! We were happy to share breakfast with you guys, and it sure was a pleasure to meet you both. Looks like your inspiring a lot of people! Glad to hear your travels are still going well. And we’ll be praying for you guys to have a safe journey! 😉

    • Justin Evidon

      Hey Jim, glad you were able to find us on here! Hank and I have both been recalling some of the earlier parts of the journey and can’t believe it is all part of a single trip – it feels so long ago. Hopefully you guys were able to enjoy the rest of the cookies!


      • Nelda

        Totally bummed that Jim beat me to this! Saw you in the Daily Grist. When I got back home, I started working with an AmeriCorps VISTA from Wisconsin who also does design work, and now I’m conflating you all. Hope all is well!

  228. Brandy

    i am playing catch up and looking at pics still at day #4.. What an amazing adventure.. I remember as a kid, living in Illinois and traveling to California and back. There were 16 of us.. My family and my cousins and their family..
    Went on almost the same route as your on.. Bring back great memories..

  229. Jessica


    This has been incredible to read! The photos are beautiful, and I love the stories! I think the best part is the meeting of new people, and learning about them. 🙂 I would really love to take on an adventure like this! I had a mini adventure sorta like this, I moved from CA to IL in just my pickup truck (didn’t sleep in it though lol), and it was a blast to see part of the country like that. Even got to see some antelope as I made my way through New Mexico. And Volkswagen Beetles stuck nose first in the ground in Texas. 😀 Here’s to many trouble free miles for you guys and the bus!

  230. Sue

    Saw post on two tiny house websites, but just now saw it on Yahoo News/GMA! Woo Hoo!

  231. Karen G Davies

    Back in ’78, I fixed up a VW bus and set off from Ashland, Oregon, hoping to travel and meet up with friends, old and new, throughout the western USA. I had a bed, propane stove, 5-gal-buckets with food and water and no schedule. I’ve led a very unorthodox life since then, in the jungles of Costa Rica, but I still clearly remember those six months on the road, especially the great sense of personal freedom. I will follow your blog with interest and who knows, maybe I’ll set off on another road trip myself.
    Congrats on the Masters Degree!

  232. Elaine Fryer

    If it’s on your way, Historic 25th Street in Ogden, Utah has a great feel to to it, almost all local-owned eclectic little places (and free parking!). There’s a great roof-top bar, called Alleged, and food from cheep (gourmet pizza by the slice and taco carts) to high end with their own micro-brews (Roosters). I’m loving your journey! Stay safe!

  233. Jayne

    Would be interested in seeing the bus in person as you go through Kansas, too, do you have an itinerary of your expected travel times?

    • Hank Butitta

      We already passed through, sorry we missed you!

  234. Peter Saucerman

    Hi Hank – Kudos to you, on an out of the box thesis project AND a cool summer tour. I’ve reposted a bit about your adventures at, hope you don’t mind. I imagine you are already through California heading East – if not, honk on your way through Sacramento!
    Best, Peter Saucerman, AIA

  235. Dakota

    I love reading your blog and might even consider a road trip similar to this when I am out of high school. What you guys are doing is inspiring and you should be proud of yourselves for actually proving that no, you don’t need a lot of space to live and yes, if you are determined to do or prove something, you are obligated to do it. Keep it up.

  236. saada

    Do you have images and/or video of the building process of this project?

    • Hank Butitta

      I was so busy designing/building I didn’t to a terribly great job of documentation, but I hope to share drawings once I get them assembled!

  237. Tessa & Family


    I love this idea that turned into such a rewarding experience! I near Salt Lake City, Utah and although your rout does not include coming all the way up north into Utah… If you change your mind we’d love to cook you a home cooked meal and show you the sights of Salt Lake City. Wishing all the best!

    Tessa and the family

  238. Pam Wall Marr

    I just found you on here and am loving following you, I can’t help but to want to send you some cheesy Partridge Family Itunes to play as you go up the next mountain you have to tackle so you can entertain the cars behind you lol 🙂

    I hope that More youth in our junior and high schools get to see what you are doing you for you all are a inspiration that will hopefully keep them in school!

    I wish you were coming through Houston, Texas I would love to get some of my lady friends from the MD Anderson Cancer Hospital and go for a ride in your bus!

    Safe Journey and Enlightening Travels

    • Hank Butitta

      We’re talking right now about doing a trip that would visit high-school and middle-school students, it would be fun to inspire some kids to get out there and make!

  239. Nimi

    Hey guys,
    just started reading this blog. That’s awesome ya’ll are doing this. Living the dream of many of us… the hot coffee at geyser is hilarious…lol

  240. OverTheTopCargoTrailer

    Hi Hank

    Great project and trip your on. I’m working on a cargo trailer same concept , i have 2,150 watt solar Panels installed and many other goodies on a 7 x 18 cargo trailer & I’m in San Jose Ca , about 50 miles south off your route, if you wanted to stop by and see my project let me know. You can see some more details on my blog if your interested – feel free to use some of my ideas as I have tested all kinds of stuff from A-Z , most of all those items can be installed into your bus. Not sure where to post so I put it in twice.


    • Hank Butitta

      That’s a heck of an array! I’d love to put something like that on the bus!

  241. Phillip Capestany

    I just became a bus driver for a school here in South Texas and as a kid I’d loved buses (metro, school, you name it) besides other things. I have a food trailer (an old starcraft pop-up camper) that I remodeled (can email the before and after pics if you like) and have an idea of converting an old school bus into a mobile restaurant. Have any ideas for a layout? Would love to hear from you. Your bus looks awesome and would have loved to see it if you passed by Texas.

    • Hank Butitta

      I have a friend who converted a box truck into a food truck, he’d know a lot more about kitchens and systems than I do, but it sounds like a really fun idea!

  242. Nimi

    rejection letters… know how that feels.. but who knows maybe you wouldn’t have built this bus and went on this trip if it wasn’t for all those letters…life sure does take you places… it all happens for a reason…

  243. Philip Schulte

    There are several possible reasons, for the overheating issue.
    First, the low horsepower engine and the fact that it has accrued many running hours, is working at 100 percent output, nearly 100 percent of the time. That’s a lot of heat to dissipate.
    Second, the automatic transmission has a cooler loop built into the radiator. The transmission generates an enormous amount of heat, which also needs removed.
    If you throw in the fact that the radiator is most likely partially plugged, both internally and externally, the cooling capacity is lowered considerably.
    Lastly, the water pump impeller could be slipping, causing reduced coolant flow.

    If left unresolved, you have the possibility of major repairs and expenses, in the near future.

    The transmission fluid must be kept cool. If the engine is overheating, the transmission is as well.
    Throw in the fact that this was a school bus previously, which makes a lot of starts and stops, and the transmission has already had a hard life.
    I work at an International Truck dealership, and we see a lot of the same type of issues, from all makes of trucks and buses. Feel free to contact me with any questions.
    I wish you all, the best of luck on your journey.

  244. Phillip Capestany

    Here’s an idea Hank. Have you thought about external power? If you have a 220 volt 4 prong plug going into the bus then split it to have 110 volts on each side (with two main circuit breakers at 30 amps each circuit breaker) will help a lot. I converted a food trailer that I currently own from 110 into 220 and works like a charm. Because I use crock pots to cook the meals I sell I can pug in as much a 10 crock pots at one time and still use a 900 watt microwave and a small 10 cubic ft refrigerator ( Chefmaster from Home Depot – it’s a two compartment unit freezer on top and fridge on the bottom). The neat thing about the external power, I used a female plug that can extend up to 5 feet from the wall of the food trailer and a self made extension 100 feet long. Will be very happy to share in detail what I did to make it work. (have pics of what was done)

    • Hank Butitta

      We hook up to external power whenever we can! Right now, it’s our only way to charge, but we hope to change that soon!

  245. Tabitha

    Hey guys. I didn’t see any kind of schedule for when you guys are gonna be in certain places but I’d love to meet with you if you come thru Missouri.

    • Hank Butitta

      We already passed on through, sorry we missed you!

  246. selah Barney

    Thank you for this. We too bought a bus. this is just the inspiration I need. We are getting ready to do flooring. Thank you again.

  247. Philip Schulte

    Pick up a can of starting fluid, the next time you’re near an auto parts store, for those cold mornings.
    While one person is “cranking” the engine, the other can give a couple of SHORT squirts of the starting fluid, into the inlet of the air filter housing. It is OK to spray the starting fluid directly onto the air filter. The engine may “clatter” for a bit but that will clear out shortly. DO NOT spray the fluid directly into the engine and DO NOT spray a lot into the air cleaner housing.

    • VLLasher

      Philip, I drive a school bus, and that’s how the mechanics get most of them going on a cold morning. Although some of the older ones need to be plugged in over night.

      I just found this blog on day 12 and am reading through all the comments. I wanted to do something like this when My kids were young; but could never get my husband to agree to do it. I still think about doing it sometime; but I guess I’d have to leave him home and go alone.

  248. Tony

    Found your site off of, what an awesome story and adventure. Have fun exploring the parts of America that are often overlooked.

  249. Michaela

    Today’s pictures are absolutely breathtaking! Love the realness of this post and how you’re not trying to over-glamourize anything, makes it way more enjoyable to read.

    Can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow.

  250. Andy

    You mentioned a future gas-top stove–are there any plans to convert the bus engine to CNG with a separate transferral to your stove top? Environmental friendly, cost-effective and falls in line with your theme of maximizing space. Love the project so far….really cool.

    • Hank Butitta

      I haven’t done enough research to decide yet, but I’m definitely going to be looking at all the options!

  251. Drew Sykes

    Dear Hank and Justin — found your story on Yahoo news. Your adventure reminds me fondly of a trip I took in the summer 1979 — a 10 week, 10,000 mile class trip (easiest and most fun 9 hours of credit I ever earned) from Illinois State University to the Pacific NW and back. Three university-owned station wagons, our prof towing his trailer from his own wagon, and 15 students — we stopped at every National Park between Normal, Il and the Pacific Coast, as well as numerous National Monuments and state parks. I remember it like it happened yesterday — and down the road, you will too! By the way — didn’t see any speakers in the bus pics — but I’m sure you’re rockin’ some great road tunes. Safe travels and all the best.

  252. Sophie

    Beautiful pictures! and great talent for this nice bus
    From Sophie
    Montreal, Canada,

  253. gijsbert


    Cool project Hank!

    I found your bus on the website of ‘De Standaard’, Belgium

    all the best

  254. Nick @ Livin' Lightly

    Love it!

    AWESOME job! The inside is like a sweet transformer.



  255. Dyani

    Its funny. Old faithful looks like a tree from alice in wonderland(ace of spades) eating a man. =)

  256. Brad H

    Ha! I literally just got back to MN from roadtripping last week to Yellowstone and camping at Bridge Bay. The friendly Mormons on the next site over, and their bacon – I didn’t realize It was a quintessential Yellowstone experience.

  257. Matt

    Have you all made it to San Francisco, yet? I’d love to say hi if you’re stopping in the city.

    • Hank Butitta

      Already passed through! Sorry!

  258. Matt

    Hi Hanks,

    I don’t have much to offer as far as publicity but I do want you to know I love what you are doing or trying to do, and I am extremely excited to see what else you have accomplished so far! Just letting you know that I think what you’re doing is amazing and I enjoy following your journey!


  259. Josh Podolske

    Got it up on my site

  260. Nicole

    Fascinating conversion… but I’m confused by the statement that it sleeps six adults. I count three in the sleeping area and two in the sitting area? Am I missing a bed somewhere or are you just counting on really snuggly people? 🙂

    • Hank Butitta

      The seats fold out into another queen-sized sleeping area!

  261. kelley

    So how long were you in Eureka? I am loving your web site and hearing about your journey!

    • Hank Butitta

      We just skipped on through for a few hours!

  262. Derrick

    On the subject of your power, why not incorporate solar panels in the top of the bus so you could be less dependent on the grid.

    • Hank Butitta

      I originally opted out of solar, thinking it would be parked in the shady woods too much to be useful, but as much as we’re on the road it could be very handy!

  263. kofi

    Great job bro… Recycling at it’s best

  264. Derrick

    Have you made it to Topeka, KS yet?

  265. kofi

    okay you guys are awesome and of discussion… just like what Marissa said it’s nice to do something different form your normal path, you get the sense of renewal any when you go back to your old path. I wish you guys were here in Ghana. God bless!

  266. Will

    whoa! you’re living my ultimate dream man…so envious of you!

  267. mario

    Hello Hank

    your bus is a remarkable piece of architecture
    functional in all areas
    every day a different view and a new challenge
    a true experience of life
    really the top man
    greetings Mario
    from Belgium in Europe

  268. Tammy Slatter

    Just my luck… Something uber cool comes to town, and I’m 2 days late with the info.
    I’m just now hearing about your amazing project (via yahoo news feed, so I’m sure you are going to get blown up on the scene).
    Anway.. good on ya with this project.. it’s very cool!
    PS- Santa Cruz is lovely too 🙂

  269. PeterJ

    Hey! I just came across your adventure after it was published in the Daily Mail (UK). Sound like you could start this up for tourists. Have a safe journey.

  270. Iggy

    WOW…..what a road trip!!!
    I just discovered your site through an article in Yahoo. Fantastic job on the bus. Looks cozy. Although I’d add a couple amenities like maybe a generator for power when parked, or a couple deep cycle marine batteries and a second alternator to keep them charged, plus an eco-friendly porta-potty. Hey, I’m 58 and not one to stumble around in the dark looking for a place to go.
    The photos are great! The naration makes for enjoyable reading.
    Looking forward to reading the earlier entries.

  271. PeterJ

    Fantastic pictures! Nice to see the US from a different perspective. All the best from Liverpool (UK)

  272. Erik T.

    Hi Hank, I just by coincidence came across your fantastic and working-in-real-life ” project ”
    Respect ! Here in Belgium ( one of the tiniest countries of Europe ) discussion is also being started up
    that we all should reconsider for the future the way in which our ” housing system ” has become a threat
    to the limited space available. I have seen people living in ” pimped up ” / adapted old sea-ship-containers, but your idea, and the way in which you materialized it is so much more appealing I wish you a lot of success
    and fine moments in, with and during your 1st trip in your ” Hank’s bus ” !

  273. TWelld

    Hank. I am close to 70 and for so many of my prior years I had dreamed about being a nomad and just travelling around the states. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. I saw on the news that you bought a bus
    and decided to check it out. WOW! I couldn’t believe how great it looks and how functionally sound, for
    most part, it really is. Enjoy your trip and I will be reading your escapades of your trip. God Bless.

  274. David Reese

    I found your site by accident. But I am totally ok with that.I will follow your travels, it reminds me that sometimes just “going” is the fun part of an adventure. Growing up in Seattle, I forget how magical this place is… thanks.. You all have great trip and enjoy the it all…

    D. Reese

  275. Mike Sanders

    What size is the engine and gas mileage?

    • Hank Butitta

      185hp 10mpg

  276. George Papas

    Great Idea… when are you coming to Greece….

  277. ryan

    Wow! this is inspiring! i drove across country for 4 years in a van so i feel your passion. Great journeys to you!

  278. Rosie

    I imagine you are all blown away by the vast exposure across the world. You’re giggling like school girls every time you see reference to yet another part of the earth that has discovered your adventure. What a hoot for you! You skimmed past mention of the media attention; keep that attitude and don’t let them derail you. As are so many others, I am captivated by the story and the photos. Only my bestest wishes for continued safe travels, making memories that will last several lifetimes!

    • Hank Butitta

      I’m exhausted from all the giggling. So much giggling.

  279. Erik T.

    Just reading this great blog and seeing the marvelous pictures makes me envy you, guys.
    Hope and trust you will have a great and safe travel further on.

  280. Elaine

    You turned that old bus into a very nice home! I love it! I’m only sad that you won’t be making it down South. I’d love to see the bus up close and personal.
    If you change your mind and do come this way, I think it would be great if you would contact the Architecture Department at Clemson University (Or I’ll be glad to contact them for you.) I’m sure they would love to have you and your bus make an appearance!
    Keep on truckin’!

  281. Denise Barrett

    How I envy you guys, your’e fulfilling a dream, and plenty of folks’ fantasy.

    You designed the BUS, youre driving the BUS – and youre doing it all in the beautiful US of A!

    Great photos too. What’s not to like. Safe trip!

  282. Michael M

    The spirit of adventure is alive and well. Great blog. Thanks for sharing.

  283. Slim

    Any plans to come to NY? Would love to get you guys to sit down for an interview and capture some photo/video

  284. victor pluznyk

    Cool, was thinking about something similar for awhile. Just an idea that I have from my love of trains and boat design, a fold-down balcony/porch on the rear. Big enough for a small bistro table, small grill, roll down canvas roof, maybe even bug screening, plus a secondary stair.

  285. Deb

    Stumbled upon this is on mail online and truly am enjoying the experience. Just wanted to say hi. The pics and posts are great. Enjoy.

  286. Hank


    Cool conversion! One thing you should look at is a composting toliet. I have one and they work great for little or no water instalations, You can make one of buy one from Airhead or Natures Head.



  287. J.R. KUTTLER

    Hank & Crew,

    Thanks for sharing your journey, this is a wonderful and well thought out idea that you have turned into a reality. It is nice to see the academic community support you! Way to go University of Minnesota!!! While you are traveling through my home state of Kansas several stops might be in order on your way #1 Colby KS, The Oasis of the Plains and a visit to the Cooper Barn. #2 Lebanon KS, where you will find the geographical center of the lower 48. #3 Salina Ks, The Smoky Hills Vineyard and Winery. #4 “The Little Apple” Manhattan KS, Home of Kansas State University.
    Keep up the great work! Look forward to seeing more ideas.

  288. larry petersek

    what a joy to read this (and all the comments too!). blessings on the rest of your journey and life.

  289. Karen

    Great idea Hank! I think this is amazing! Good luck with your travels.

  290. Elizabeth

    Just wonderful! Living in a *small* space allows me to live a larger life on the outside..
    I love, love your bus space! Great photos too! Peace

  291. Steve Smith

    This was wildly impressive from many points of view: cost, ingenuity, speed of completion, etc. Similar projects have gone through my mind and I have a couple of questions, if I may: did you have to make any drastic alterations to the body/chassis or engine? Did you have to register the alterations and change of use with the state of Minnesota?

    Steve Smith

    • Hank Butitta

      Almost all of the work was inserting the living space into the shell. Didn’t mess with the body/engine. It was already registered as an RV so I didn’t have to register the changes.

  292. Phillip

    Well done. I have been toying with the idea of doing something along these lines for several years and really appreciate the design and work that you have put into this. Enjoy the trip.

  293. Martha

    Why not come South……South Georgia

  294. Klaus Elmfelt

    Hello Hank.
    What a great idea, and truly inspirational. I have one question though. Which bluebird did you buy. The 59 passenger one..? Happy travels.. Kind regards. Klaus

  295. Christina


    Love the concept. to be able to see the US in a creation of your own making is awesome. I wish you & your traveling friends a safe trip. Enjoy this it will be memories that you will tell you children and their children and may the aspire to be more open to new things (as you obviously are)

    Best Traveling wishes to you 🙂

  296. Elizabeth Bennett

    Article about you today in the Daily Mail:

    Great project!

  297. Kellie Becket

    I”m so thrilled that I found your blog. I especially like the picture from the top of the bus. It’s a little like traveling by motorcycle – the full view, the smells of the forest or flowers or ocean, etc, the sounds, and yes, you can hear over the noise of a Honda. If me and my Honda ever gets behind you and your bus on the roads in the future, I’ll just pleasantly wave as I pass you.

    • Hank Butitta

      We’ll wave back!

  298. Joshua Dillender


    The conversion is awesome! I have recently purchased a ’79 International Bus off Craigslist that was already converted to an RV and am in the process for getting it road worthy again. It has been a long summer project that I am hoping to have legal in the near future. You have put a lot of thought into the space and storage aspect and my wife truly loves the sliding bed concept! I will be following your trip to keep my mind racing with new ideas for a next year gut/redo of the interior. Any chance of a trip coming up taking you towards the Pittsburgh area? I would truly enjoy you taking a look at my conversion and brainstorming with you. Not to mention my wife really wants to see your conversion! Keep up the good work!

    Josh and Family

    • Hank Butitta

      Good luck with your conversion! We hope to be sharing plans of the conversion, as soon as I can assemble my notes!

  299. Dana

    Your writing is so captivating and Justin is amazing with the camera. I love that your story has spread over seas, you must be so proud 🙂 You guys need to swing thru to Chicago! Safe travels!!!!

  300. Kate Berwind

    Hey guys! Awesome bus and awesome trip! Thanks for sharing your journey! I took a class in college (2 credit hours!) where 9 of us travelled across the country and back in 2 weeks in a 15 passenger van. The class was based on the book Blue Highways by William Least Heat Moon. We camped out every night, didn’t use interstates, ate and got gas at local spots. We met a lot of locals and fellow travellers. It was an incredible experience. I hope your trip is as satisfying as our’s was! Check out Blue Highways, if you are a reader.

  301. david

    was wondering if you guys plan on coming to texas? I live in fort worth and would like to see ya’lls bus.

  302. Ranae

    Excellent blog! Daily Mail UK has an article on line.

    Keep the posts coming! Much luck on the rest of your travels! Living vicariously as ever.

  303. Kellee Kimbro

    Hank! This is the most awesome things ever, I have always wanted to do this with a VW Microbus. Come to NYC!!!

  304. Lisa

    This is a great website, for a great trip…something everyone wants to do. I am not…young, so I have a practical question… how are you paying for this ??? Diesel fuel is not cheap, I don’t expect you get great gas mileage, and I drove across the country in a little pick up truck and I know what it cost me with food etc… I have been trying to do the trip again, but cannot figure out how to get the money together and take the time off from actually making money !

    • Hank Butitta

      The bus gets 10mpg, and when you split the diesel 6 ways and we’re traveling pretty cheap! Less than 10 cents a mile per person!

  305. Daniel

    why keep the emergency escape hatches??? because they are installed there for a reason….to help you escape in an emergency!!! i bet you even blocked the window emergency escapes too. smh….really hope you never get in a situation where you need them. thats the number one reason my father kept them…..becasue they were there for a reason.

    • Hank Butitta

      I’ve got all four window escape hatches available, and the skylights are just as easy to remove as the old emergency hatch.

  306. Tanya

    Fantastic project. I see a lot of potential in this for providing affordable housing. Your road trip, living and traveling in your bus, you will have all the major glitches worked out. Hooray!!

  307. Don

    Recent post in Taxi. Happy trails out there.

  308. Joel

    Nice idea! Nice implementation! Nice creation! It rocks! You guys rock!

  309. Emily

    This is the coolest thing! Come visit West Virginia. Harpers Ferry NHP is beautiful all year round.

  310. Drew

    What did you use for power? Inverter? Lots of roof space for solar power/water heating.

    What engine does the bus have? Miles Per Gallon? Do you need a CDL to drive a bus as a personal vehicle?

    • Hank Butitta

      2 6v golf cart batteries with an inverter. CAT 2116 diesel 185hp. 10mpg. Just a regular old license!

  311. D

    loved the project , just saw it now on irish news website ,

  312. Stephanie M

    Wow. This is absolutely brilliant! I would defidently pay 10 grand for this masterpeice. You should put this into production or something because its amazing!

    • Hank Butitta

      (That’s just in materials, and there are plenty more to add!)

  313. Sandra

    I would like to see, once this project is finished, if someone could actually live on your school bus and make it his/her home for a year or two. If you need any volunteers, I would gladly leave my current home and see if this would be a good alternative for someone like me who was forced to retire at the age of 55. I am currently 60 so I am still young enough and adventurous enough to take advantage of such an opportunity and have the luxury of taking my home with me as well as see if it could really work well long term. I couldn’t think of a better way to explore a long term solution to the expense of living in Southern California.

  314. Starr

    Is it just me or has it been while since you’ve posted?
    This one is dated August 11th, and it’s now August 22nd…. where did you go?

    Also, I think this bus idea is truly fantastic! An especially ingenious way to travel.
    I have really been considering tiny houses and the likes of living in small spaces lately; for environmental and economical reasons as well as ease of travel.

    I know you wouldn’t likely want to reveal all the magicians secrets but I would really love even more info on the building and usage of your bus. I am currently in the process of discovering the most ideal small and travel-friendly living space, and this seems like a great contender.

    Also please keep updating even as you make moderations in the future! This is really great, and you guys are really great.

    Lastly Justin’s pictures are breathtaking, he’s incredibly talented.

    • Justin Evidon

      Hi Starr,

      We are indeed a bit behind on our posts, but we are still alive and well! We are hoping to have new content up before the weekend and the rest of the trip should be following during the course of next week.

      Thanks for following along and be sure to check back soon!


  315. Shannon Stapleton

    Awesome…..I have always been a dabbler and have wanted to purchase a school bus from our local school district when they are replaced. My vision was not as grand….but this…….it has inspired me. I have a family and I really think to have something like this that you could take off on a grand vacation through the Americas, stopping where you want to, for as long as you want to and not having to depend on things like hotels or camp grounds is just awesome. All you are really dependent on is gas stations and grocery stores. I can not think of any way to take my family through the states to see the sites that would work better then this with the money invested.
    Kudos to you Hank!

    • Hank Butitta

      Good luck with your bus venture!

  316. Brian

    Very inspiring stuff Hank. I’m an architecture student myself (in Boston) and this just filled my head with tons of new ideas for my future projects. Know that your work is inspiring students from all over 🙂 Thanks.

  317. Jo Ann

    Too Cool! Bring it to Roan Mountain via Bakersville, NC and the Pumpkin’ Patch and let’s see how it takes the hill. I want to ride “up on the Roan” with you guys. See you soon!

  318. Doug

    Back in 1965, a friend and I drew up plans to convert a bus to live in while we went to college. It was a very simple design compared to your masterpiece. We both went into the military instead. Forty years later I bought a motor home to tour around the country. Never too late I say!

    • Hank Butitta

      There’s something special about life on the road!

  319. Jin

    isn’t the windows of the bus easy for burglars to break into?

    • Hank Butitta

      Aren’t most windows easy to break into?

  320. eelary

    Burst into laughter, because I was thinking the same thing when I read: “Had I gone to the food-truck-court alone, I would have starved from an inability to decide.”
    Well done and safe travels!

  321. Emily

    Hank & Justin,

    Your blog is inspiring. I am a self-appointed helper to the owner of a VW Vanagon. The headaches of trying to have Brown Betty accomplish what you wish her to, to find that she has released her bowels in the street after a 2 hour drive, is relentless. Still, she offers that freedom of letting loose on the road, my feet hanging out the window and a bird’s eye view from the windshield.

    You are ever inspiring and leave me craving to do more traveling next summer in the glorious gal. I have not yet read your posting from my hometown of Portland, but I do hope you enjoyed the variety of character that it had to offer.

  322. Anthony

    This is so great!
    I’m watching with great anticipation!
    Good luck on your journey.

  323. Sara Adlington

    What a stunning journal and highlight of both of your talents-keep up the great writing, photography and adventurous spirit of life! …more importantly, WHAT IS THE NAME OF YOUR BUS?

    When I glimpsed your rig in Bozeman, it sent me to memories of traveling in the early 80s as a kid in ‘The Blue Goose’ (which was my dad’s converted bus-motorhome) and our cousins had ‘The Wanderlust’ (my uncle’s bus-motorhome conversion). Best memories and trips… especially parked on the beach in Florida, where just out the door, we could ride our bikes into the waves.

    Waiting for your next post, and hoping this inaugural trip helps determine a proper name for your brilliant thesis project and its aftermath. 🙂 Wishing you safe journeys…

  324. Niall Toner

    Hi Hank. How can I get in touch with you by e mail. Can you drop me a mail?

  325. Jim Kuenzer

    I know you’ve got your hands full with your journey, but if you could direct me towards more information on the “tiny house movement,” that would be great. You did say “tiny house movement,” right?

  326. katie

    So wonderful! I have to say, as a prairie girl from up north who now lives in the blue ridge mountains of east Tennessee/SW Virginia, your posts and pictures have actually made me miss the wide open and summer roadtrips across the Dakotas to Bozeman. Y’all are living the life-keep enjoying!

  327. samantha

    That’s amazing! I’m so jealous, I would love to road trip in this 🙂

  328. the hiking viking

    Must say I chuckled a bit seeing a bug SPLAT! on the roof top camera lens while watching the video. Didn’t I just read about how slow the bus goes? Lol. You’d think bugs would simply ‘bounce’ off that bus.

    I took the family on a two week “Great Western States Blitz” vacation a few years ago. 5,000 miles, 18 states, 50+ National Park sites including Devils Tower! Two weeks on the road in our mini-van, the four of us. Tent camping each night under the amazing blanket of stars. Amazing journey we’ll never forget. Cramped but cozy.

    Regards and much success to you guys. Stop for a geocache or two along the way!

    Happy Trails,
    Dan from Ohio

  329. Dan


    Loving the bus and story. If you tweak your travel and come by LA, we will have a spot for you to park.


    • Justin Evidon

      Awesome Dan! We aren’t making it through LA this time around, but we are hoping to make it down there next time around. We will be in touch when the time comes!

  330. Beatrice

    Terrific! I’ve been crossing ideas for my thesis, because as like you I don’t want to work on something uninspiring and that won’t take me anywhere. I thought I had something put together and then I realized I wanted to create to experiment with what I love. Nicely done.

  331. Lou

    I like your bus! Email me if you come to Pittsburgh!

  332. Susan Hotard

    I am thoroughly enjoying reading about your adventures. Two questions: 1. Why didn’t you visit the south? I was born and reared in Columbus, Georgia, 100 miles south of Atlanta and our city has some of the most beautiful ladies… I’ll leave it at that.
    2. Men often travel alone but I’m curious to know if Jillian has written about her experiences as a woman travelling alone. I’m 66 years old and this is something that interests me.

    There’s nothing like the Smokey Mountains … give them a go. Have a safe trip. Susan

    • Hank Butitta

      We only budgeted enough time to rush through this shorter route, but we’re already scheming a larger journey! I’ll have to ask Jillian if she’s written anything about her travels, it must be a very different experience!

  333. MB

    Loved reading about this and then I noticed there have been no posting since Aug. 11, 2013,
    wonder what happened?

    • Justin Evidon

      Hi MB, we have been a bit behind on our posts for a number of reasons (lack of internet, overwhelming increase in audience, celebration of new audience), but we have most of the content close to ready and will be completing the travel log in the next week. Thanks for following along!

  334. Martin Chammah

    Hi, greetings from Argentina, I am an architecture student! I also love the road and cars, and of course traveling.
    Facsinated with the project! Cheers!

  335. Linda Fuentes

    You are so very talented! I think you are living the adventure we would all love to do if we had your talent and foresite….you are very inspiring. Is there a chance your bus will be available for hometown folks like us to view it in person when you get back home to the T.C?

    • Hank Butitta

      We’re still figuring out the best way to share the bus with people! Right now the schedule is a bit busy to show individuals, but we’re trying to work some stuff out!

  336. Agnieszka

    Your bus works better ad is better designed that most flats in London. Envy you your trip! x

  337. Linda Contreras

    Love your ideas and great blog. Can you tell me what app you are using to track your trip? It displays at the top of your blog and provides a great visual of your journey…

    • Justin Evidon

      We aren’t using any app to track – all of the mapping has been done manually by me along the way. If we were to have used anything it woulld likely have been a Spot device or Garmin GPS. Thanks for following along!

  338. Steffi

    I just read about your bus on and love it.

  339. Nic Scogna

    Couldn’t agree more about Portland. Its a love hate relationship..

    love to go. Hate to leave. But always have to.

  340. Sandrine

    I’m very happy to discover your trip and your story (and your great photos)… I’ll be doing that northwest coast road trip in 24days exactly and totally can’t wait (I’m from France)…. and I have even less patience now than I’ve run into your blog
    Can’t wait to see more of it 🙂

  341. Ellen

    Hey! I just learned about you on My Modern Met. I live in Portland and I’m so glad you had a great time here. I hope the skylight situation got fixed and I will be following your journey. Best of continued luck!!

    • Ellen

      Also I’m bummed I didn’t get to see your bus, from all your photos you were both in my residential (close-in industrial/residential) and work neighborhoods (downtown-those Korean tacos and the Flying Scotsman are food carts in the pod across the street from where I work). Some great parts of PDX for sure!

    • Justin Evidon

      Thanks Ellen – it’s pretty hard to not have a good time in Portland…

  342. Joe

    I live in Portland too! Just saw this on my eff book feed. Wish I could have checked your work out in person. What’s not to love about PDX, right? Keep up the good work.

  343. Sirene

    [wailing and gnashing of teeth] You came through Portland and we (or at least I) missed you and your magic bus! Are you trying to keep your trip plans on the down-low to avoid too much publicity?

    • Hank Butitta

      Not intentionally, but we are a bit behind on updates! Sorry we missed you!

  344. João M. Chaparreiro

    nice work, great idea and have a safe journey.
    wish you sucess.
    sometimes with good ideas is best to: up-sleaves, do-it-yourself, manage with what you have and what you can get, adapt as much as possible, accept others ideas to improve your own projects and leave the safe port once it’s finished to spread the word.
    seemingly, you’ve done it all!
    I see no other outcome than sucess on your case.
    please don’t let this be your last project. Peace out. Ride safe.

  345. Karen B.

    Hi Hank! I got a degree in Interior Design from Marylhurst University just south of Portland. I wish I would have found out about your project sooner before you passed through my awesome city. I really admire your thesis and completely agree with you that working full scale is the only way one understands relationships of materials etc. I wish I could have built my thesis entirely because I would have learned SO much more than all of the theoretical volleying of reviewers’ pompous opinions. Great work and enjoy your road trip! PS – Portland IS that cool,even if you live here 😉

  346. Erica

    I live in the Kansas City suburbs. I’d love a chance to see the bus and take some pictures if possible. I’ll bake you guys a cake or some muffins in exchange for a tour.

    Safe travels on your journey!

    • Hank Butitta

      Oh my goodness. We already passed through KC. I can’t believe I missed out on free cake. Who loves free cake and has two thumbs? This guy.

  347. Zack

    Hi my name is Zack and I wanted to reach out to you. I am currently a resident at the world’s first Self-Organized Learning Environment or SOLE. We look for people that step away from the higher education standards and make moves on their own. I am currently working on a tiny house company and would love to talk with you guys. Check out the website and if you are interested then drop me a line. I hope to hear from you!

    • Hank Butitta

      Hey Zack,
      We’re still trying to figure out what happens next and looking through our options, we’ll definitely keep this in mind!

  348. Nic Scogna

    Love the writing and story line! Your adventure thus far will be my book tonight 🙂

  349. Kiara Wong

    Whenever I see these type of projects, it’s like expanding my perception of reality and architecture in general. I’ve just started my first year in university at Peru (south america) , and I will make sure all my friends get to see this amazing project. It’s really interesting how different spaces can be created in such a narrow place.
    Have a nice and safe journey!

  350. Alec Carlin

    Very nice, it reminds of the Green Tortoise, a company I drove for back in the day.

  351. Jesse

    What a great thing, fellas! A true inspiration. The vicarious enjoyment of finding and reading your blog has reaffirmed my goal of a similar plan. If you wander over to the east coast know that you’ve got a secure crash site and a great meal in southeastern virginia. I have seen your story twice today on two sites not in your list. The most notable is and the other is Thank you for the resonating inspiration and safe travels, brothers.

  352. Mannie

    That’s great idea and hope you allow me to follow your way in Thailand donate trip across country for all remote students. This is our family dream to build a library for students.

    Now we got brilliant ideas from your guys to have mobile library bus across country.

    Cheers, and good luck for trip.

  353. Andy

    Hank you bought a bus! I found your bus on collosal’s Facebook page originally, then started looking for a bus on Craigslist today and found your blog!

    We did something similar in an old bus and travelled around Australia, ( ) but in an old hiace commuter bus. Would love to do it in a school bus across the US! Well if you decide you wanna sell your beauty gimme a hola 😉

    Enjoy your trip!

    • Hank Butitta

      That sounds like a fun trip! A commuter bus would certainly offer a bit more headroom!

  354. Samantha

    Perhaps a bit more research would have benefitted you and your friend’s need for his morning coffee. The trucking industry has already created ways to solve many of your power issues..and ways to conserve fuel, etc. through auxiliary power units. Though these units carry a hefty initial price tag of approx. $8000. However, the savings in fuel, vehicle maintenance and the increase of your comfort level when the temperatures inside become too uncomfortable for restful sleep (to ensure optimum performance of the driver when they’re awake and behind the wheel) far outweighs the cost. Obviously you have already found out that 1500W power inverter is not large enough a 3500W to 4000W inverter should give you less trouble, both with the equipment, and with a potentially grumpy friend who becomes caffeine deficient. LOL The power units also will solve the cold start problems you talk about in a later installment of your blog.

    • Hank Butitta

      Wow! That’s almost as much as the whole project has cost so far! We’ll have to put that one on the back burner (rimshot).

  355. Nic Scogna

    I owned a bus in the hopes of converting. Burned out the transmission. Then 2000mi later the engine went… I opted for an RV (which had a nice roof rack) and it too caused nightmares from the hill climbs and accidentally the roof rack got caught on a low hanging branch in Petaluma which was not a happy part of the adventure. Be careful of parking your bus in towns.

    Rado be well safe journeys. 🙂

  356. Samantha

    Stopping at a truck stop instead of a regular gas station for fuel will usually yield you the opportunity for a free shower….just saying. Also, any campground I’ve always visited had shower facilities. Would it be more convenient to have these things on board…sure, but at what cost? You’ve already stated that the hp output for the vehicle is low, so adding those extra pounds of water might not be the best solution. Keeping the vehicle functioning is more likely than not more important than the convenience of having an onboard shower. I’d rather invest in getting a 12v cooler, myself.

    • Hank Butitta

      We need to do a better job of tracking truck stops down, that would really be handy!

  357. Ken

    Would love to see your bus. Divert and go through Omaha…

  358. Nic Scogna

    Parking is remedied by big corporate stores..
    Most walmart parking lots will let you park overnight(or 3 nights)
    Also learn a lesson from those that live on the road. At the next truck stop pick up a small booklet on the location of all the truck stops in america.
    At the larger stops showers are $10 or under. Alternatively you can get a gym membership for $20 at LA fitness and utilize the showers anywhere they are located while keeping your muscles happy:-)

  359. Samantha

    Thoroughly impressed with your blog. It takes me back to my days as an over the road truck driver…when I got sick of being contained approved routing, I’d ask my dispatcher to send someplace interesting with lots of time to get there. Then I’d drive like crazy to get there early and rent a car and go exploring. US Hwy 15 (if I remember correctly, traveling south out of Missoula into Idaho was a spectacular drive. Had to remind myself a few times that I was behind the wheel of a 40 ton vehicle and to keep from letting my eyes get too distracted.

    • Hank Butitta

      It’s a lot easier to make those long hauls when you’ve got a few drivers to rotate through! Driving is a great way to see the scenery, but it’s nothing like sticking your head out the top of the bus! Hope you get the chance to do a bit of adventuring without 40 tons behind you!

  360. Helen

    This is incredible. First the idea of the bus. And then to bring it pass and if that weren’t enough to take the journey and share it with the world. Thank you. You are living your dream. I am about to be 60 years old and I now home bound, this means so much to me you have no idea. Have a great like. I look forward to more shots and experiences from your journey. Thanks again

    • Hank Butitta

      Thank you so much!

  361. Gary

    Incredible, simply incredible! I did a scooter trip on a 110cc Vuka with my two friends before starting my post-grad in Architecture, was the best time of my life. I know how much fun and fulfilling your trip is!

    • Hank Butitta

      I’d love to do a big trip on two wheels, that sounds like a blast! Someday…

  362. Helen

    Wow, this is wonderful. I PLAN to keep up with your every move. Best of luck from SOUTHEAST MISSOURI

  363. datt

    Very nice one:)

  364. Peter Löfquist

    Love it. I’ve been fascinated about compact living for a while now, always trying to pack the bare minimum when moving around and gazing towards the future where we’ll need true compact living solutions to keep our societies growing.

    Truely inspirational what you’ve done. Really looking forward to follow your journey and hopefully gain some much needed insight & discussions about compact living.


  365. ballard

    Awesome. Is there a Bitcoin or paypal donation links for towards fuel budget?

    • Hank Butitta

      We’ve had enough requests, that we added a way. there’s a link at the top of the blog if you feel so inclined.

  366. niki

    tiny travel house….. Amazing concept and the fact that you are testing it is really wow…!! could you may be explain a bit about how you worked on installing the interiors, i am curious..!

    • Hank Butitta

      There was so much that went into construction… Hopefully I’ll be able to put together some drawings to share on here!

  367. Lelala

    Wow, pretty cool!
    But hey, this wasnt possible over one weekend 😉
    You should specialize in that and sell these types of busses 🙂

  368. CiNiTriQs

    Hi there,

    Some nice project you have got going on here. I could see this happening more often in the future since people can’t simply afford a “normal” house anymore that much… (without paying it off the rest of their lives that is).

    I’m afraid certain laws will be passed for these vehicles not to “diminish property value” in certain areas, but that’s just one of these last twitches in the system before we, the people, can do our own thing again.

    Great project, love the wood, good luck with the future expansion of the interior and appliances…

    • Hank Butitta

      I am so incredibly jealous! If I could fit a double-decker under US bridges I’d be hunting day and night to find one for my next conversion!

  369. Maurice Clarke


    I love the concept and the design, and the fact that you’ve given a new lease of life to a redundant vehicle. What grade did you get? I hope it was a first.

    Your next task is to start collecting old frying oil to make biodiesel and convert the bus to run on it.

    • Hank Butitta

      I got a “pass”, which is good enough for me!

      I’ve got lots of bio-diesel research to do before I dig in, but I’m really interested!

  370. Soph

    Hi guys,

    Such a great idea, love your pictures, love the project. Have a good one and keep writing, I love reading your blog when I wake up 🙂
    Greetings from Paris (France)

  371. Peggy Ann

    Heard the story on WLEX, Lexington, KY news, thought I would check it out! I’m a 62 year old Grandmother, and wonder, Ok young man how are you paying for the gas and the expense of “just taking off ” for a while! Of course, you don’t owe me an answer! Just curious!

    • Hank Butitta

      No mortgage, no kids, and a supportive family have made my life very flexible; I’m extremely lucky and grateful!

  372. Peggy Ann

    Sorry, forgot to add, I did enjoy reading the journal and see the cool photos to go along with the journal! I will check back later!

  373. liu

    nice bus! great project! good luck!

  374. Lore

    I’ve just come across your project via a UK newsletter (scroll all the way down):

    Inspired by your story! Sometimes in life we think we are following the ‘right’ path, only to get lost somewhere along the way. You might not have gotten into the college that you wanted but I bet not many of the people who did are doing stuff half as exciting as you are now.

    In the words of Frost:
    Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference.

    Good luck!

  375. Lo Sauer

    Now that is what I call creative spirit paired with marker mindset!

    Two questions though. Where was the bus bought, and how much does it guzzle?

    What is your take on putting two buses together from end to end?

    • Hank Butitta

      It was purchased on craigslist (where I find all my toys) and it consumes about 10mpg. Two buses end to end? Can I steer from both ends?

  376. Alex

    See also:

    They did the same thing and took the bus for one lap around the world…

  377. Markus

    That is quite amazing, the design is great and looks like a comfortable place to live in. My only concern is the open bathroom, isn’t there a way to close it off?

    Also how much energy can this bus provide for appliances and devices, did you have to do something special to provide power across the bus?

    • Hank Butitta

      The bathroom is walled off in the back, for just a hint of privacy 😉

  378. Margaret Moore

    My husband and I drove to West Yellowstone, MT this summer to visit our son. We drove a Ford Ranger loaded with a motorcycle in the back. Your story of “the climb” reminded me of being passed on a HILL in Wyoming by a loaded cement truck! Now, that’s embarrassing! Good luck on your journey. I’m envious!

  379. Ron

    Very creative and sustainable way to live. Curious to know if you plan on publishing the plans for making one of these gems? I know several people willing to pay for something like that.

    • Hank Butitta

      We hope to share some plans and drawings once I assemble them?

  380. Mathias

    Stumbled over that blog through archdaily, really impressive! What about fuel consumption of that huge bus? 🙂 i would be also very interested in your camera equipment and the template for this blog, maybe you can tell smth about that. Thanks and rock on!


  381. Jon

    I have been toying with a “tiny house” for a while now and this is the best idea I have seen yet. I am an environmental designer who started out building aircraft interiors so I love the usability and modularity of the space as well as the simplicity of color/wood. Awesome job and if this is a college project can’t wait to see what you have in-store for us in your professional career! You will be making some surfers living in their VW bus very jealous on the PCH! Have fun.

    And for all the comments on the grey exterior, unless you gonna pitch in some cash for a paint job…… its a fortune to paint a bus!! Think of it as stealth mode!

    • Hank Butitta

      Thank you!
      And I think the grey gives it a bit of “urban camouflage” 😉

  382. Wladimir

    Hi Hank! Whow, congratulations with your project! I just found your story via a link on a Brasilian website 🙂 .
    Regards from Brazil, Wlad

  383. vicki

    Next stop – Australia. come and visit us. Plenty of room to park here. – maybe not in Sydney though.

    • Hank Butitta

      Should I just ship it over?

  384. Loc

    Can you kickstarter this some day so I can buy one!!!

    • Hank Butitta

      That sounds like a heck of a kickstarter!

  385. olaf

    Want one too 🙂 but will be difficult to do in Switzerland with the same bus…

  386. Bryne

    hmmm, so this is entirely 100% random, but, I stumbled across your story from a link someone posted on facebook, and I must admit I am intrigued by your story.

    And… as luck, coincidence, or random happenstance would have it, I live in San Francisco, which apparently is where you are/will be soon. It’s be really cool to meet you in person, and I’d be happy to show you around my favorite bits of SF, or grab coffee or drinks while you’re in town. Realizing of course, that as a random person from the intrawebz the likelihood of this happening is not high. But, hey, my email is posted there, please drop me a line if you are so inclined.

    • Hank Butitta

      Sorry, we already passed through SF! It’s getting a lot of positive attention in the bay area… maybe I should just move out there already?

  387. Hazel Jennings

    Hi Hank!

    I am totally inspired by what you’re doing. My boyfriend, my dog and I live in a 200 sq ft tiny space in San Francisco. Would love to meet you while you’re in SF– cook you dinner and hear more about your project! My boyfriend’s dream is to turn a bus into our next home.

    Lemmie know!

    • Hank Butitta

      We already went through SF! I’d love to see what you guys are living in though! Is it a small apartment, or standalone tiny home? Good luck with your potential bus conversion!

  388. ellenor

    We would love to see you near Boston. Borderland state park . Stop in

  389. KK from Vancouver

    This blog is a WOW!!! 🙂

  390. KK from Vancouver

    The coast is so beautiful. Want to visit it again… ^^*

  391. Shawn

    Our family have been converting busses for years! For as long as I can remember and before! We love some of your unique qualities but I don’t think we’d ever give up the kitchens we have gotten into ours to make them fully functional for even families of 4+.
    Well done good sir, well done.

  392. jean-francois


    this is very inspirational! I am thinking of working on a 40 years old RV (converting it to be electric powered, like a 27 foot long Prius). The way you worked on the interior of this bus is simply revelation. Space is brilliantly realocated by transforming different modules, reminds me of an architect who took a similar approach in his mini Hong Kong flat!


    • Hank Butitta

      Thank you! Good luck on your giant electric conversion! That must take some ridiculous batteries!

  393. The Webbs

    Hey Hank! Where are you now? We’re from Pasadena, CA and heading to Sonoma to visit Tumbleweed Tiny Houses and see if a tiny house would work for our family of 5 and our OneYearRoadTrip documentary. We’d love to meet you and see your bus conversion as that is also on the list of possibilities for us. Our project is a documentary about kids across America trying to change the world, and we’re planning to spend 14 months on the road, visiting all 50 states, collecting and sharing stories of amazing kids doing amazing things, and inspiring others to go and do likewise. This post is from today, and who knows where you are now, but if you’re still out west we’d love to meet up with you!

    • Hank Butitta

      Holy cow that’s a heck of a road trip! What are you traveling in? We already passed through CA, but I’m excited to see where your journey takes you and what you learn. Thanks for sharing!

      • The Webbs

        We’re trying to decide whether we’ll do a Tumbleweed Tiny House or a bus conversion. Your project is making us way more interested in the bus option…

        Have you had to get any repairs done on the road? If so, was it difficult to find a bus mechanic?

  394. christa

    NICE. very inspiring. I was curious if you could tell me what the window coverings are?

  395. steve

    I saw this on hubski – this is great! Thanks for sharing! One thing we’ve been discussing over there is the weight – with all of that wood, did you end up weighing less or more than the steel seating that usually graces a bus interior?

    Join the discussion:

    • Hank Butitta

      We definitely weigh more than the steel seating, but not as much as 77-passengers weigh!

  396. Tim

    Hello Hank!
    I fancy your creature container and transporter tremendously! It would be absolutely perfect for my upcoming travels and treks across the Americas. Would you be willing to exchange your wooden retro school tank for $20,000 plus gas expenditure reimbursement necessary to slog it to Atlanta?

    Let me know either way!

    Tim “Eggman” Martin

    • Hank Butitta

      I couldn’t in good conscience sell this bus. There are so many details that need to be solved before anything could be made for a client, and also I wouldn’t have a bus!

  397. Carrie

    Any problems encountered with the kitchen/bath being isolated in the back of the bus? Is there separate access to that area when the queen bed is out? Do you have to climb over the sleepers to use the bathroom or make a sandwich?

    • Hank Butitta

      Hey Carrie! When the rear bed is out, there is no direct access to the kitchen, but there have to be some accommodations when sleeping 6 people in such a small space! So far it has not been a huge issue. If someone really needs access, they just climb over!

  398. Uğur Uğurcan

    Very good very good 🙂

  399. Thom

    Hi – what kind of CAD did you do the concept work in? Those a great-looking wireframes. Is it just a standard archiCAD?