Getting Ready!

We are almost ready to begin our journey – it has been a lot of work coordinating all of the different people and resources needed to make this trip a success, but we are feeling good about what lies ahead. Stay tuned – the trip begins in just a few short days!


12 Responses to Getting Ready!

  1. casey

    Safe travels and enjoy the journey

  2. BCBrown

    I was wondering, do you plan on documenting the construction aspect with photos and the such? Also, peace be the journey!

  3. Harry Hannigan

    Let me know if you need anything once you hit SoCal. I’m in Hollywood, and I can at least treat you guys to a couple beers.

  4. Raymond

    Let me know if you happen to hit Alkmaar (The Netherlands)
    O wait nevermind 😀 The bus cannot fly 😛

    Nice project tho ! I hope you are having fun with it !

  5. saada

    Do you have images and/or video of the building process of this project?

    • Hank Butitta

      I was so busy designing/building I didn’t to a terribly great job of documentation, but I hope to share drawings once I get them assembled!

  6. Pim

    Hope you have a fun and safe trip !
    But I don’t see the difference between this bus and a large camper, in fact those are mostly better equipped.
    So what is the extra I don’t see ?

  7. Bob

    From Middelburg (Also the Netherlands) we wish you good luck and a safe voyage!

    Like what Raymond says; Very nice project and all the best!

  8. Ann

    this would make a great book. I love road trip RV books and this bus conversion story and the evaluations you make living in it would make a good story.

    Kindle books are not that difficult to do and can be cheaper than a paperback.

    • Hank Butitta

      We’re looking at different options for sharing the pictures and text in print…

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  10. Tad Aoki

    Since it was introduced at the conclusion site in Japan, I saw.
    It is very wonderful!
    I would also like to take preparation and a trip of a trip like when or you.
    Courage and possibility were got from you.
    Thank you!

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