Day 18: Vegas

After hearing that our blog had made it onto one of our favorite tech/design websites, Gizmodo, we were in a rush to get from the Nevada desert into Las Vegas, where we had reserved a hotel room on the strip, and were excited to get out and celebrate.

Music by Ethan Stark:

We arrived at sunset, and took the opportunity to drive the entire strip, passing every cliche neon light as daytime faded to dusk and the city came alive. As Justin shot video of our arrival from the rear hatch, a shirtless and sunglassed Ethan stood confidently in the front hatch with Hannah propped up next to him, drawing questions from pedestrians regarding the nature of Justin’s video, and the bus in general.

After a celebratory lap down the strip we returned to our 16th story room at the Flamingo, with a dramatic glass wall providing a view of the entire city below. We popped a bottle of Champagne that had been rolling around the bus since my graduation waiting for the proper occasion, and toasted to the journey ahead.

Sam taking in the Strip in his former hometown.

Sam taking in the Strip in his former hometown.

While Justin and I finished publishing a post and responding to comments, everyone had a chance to shower and get ready. Hannah wore a satin corset, while Sam put on a tux shirt and waxed his mustache, and Ethan grabbed his Cowboy hat, shades, and ukulele. We were ready for a pretty ridiculous night on the town.

Sadly, after we left the hotel, nothing noteworthy happened. The end.

11 Responses to Day 18: Vegas

  1. Chaucea

    “Sadly, after we left the hotel, nothing noteworthy happened. The end.”

    Uh-huh…riiiiight. *suspicious side-glance* Suuuure nothing happened.

    *stares and waits…*

    Ok ok FINE! It stays in Las Vegas.

    You…you tease! x-D

  2. Andrew

    Haha! What happens in Vegas…

  3. Tom

    Just a heads up… as you roll into Colorado. If your lookin for a great “FREE” place to make camp as you cross the continental divide. Just down the eastern slope at Cotton wood pass about 9 miles justpast the winter gate is the parking lot for the Gladstone mine. Great bunch of travelers with stories to tell. check it out. Home Away From Home.

  4. Great Grandma Ginny

    Ah ha… so what happens in Vegas really does stay in Vegas…

    As long as you all remain safe & healthy, we can be happy for your youthful zeal…

    Blessings as you come to the last leg of your journey…
    GG Ginny

  5. Jonathan T

    Great Video!!

    Living Vegas through the lense of a video – sounds like you guys had the time of your life aka “nothing happened”. If you had stayed in the bus while in Vegas now that would have been nothing happening.

    Safe life Travels


  6. Daniel J.

    I hope to do a trip like that with my small house on wheels. What a dreamy journey.

  7. Alan

    Hey guys, I wish u good luck from Czech Republic, EU. U r famous here now. U had an article about your bus in the biggest server of Czech Republic in this morning.
    Im your big fan.
    Drive safe

  8. Carmen

    What a great blog! I am happy to find it – unfortunately we don´t have such buses in Germany. You did a great Job, this bus-home is awesome. I wish you a lucky trip home!

  9. Martine

    I read your blog with pleasure. Hope you have a very good journey further!

    – Nice to know the US a little bit better this way.

  10. Kyle

    Figures I’d find out about this the day after you leave Vegas. Wish I would’ve caught up with you while you were here. I love what you’re doing with the bus, brilliant work. Enjoy the rest of the journey!

  11. Valya

    Found your blog on Day 2 — Hoping we’ll see a trip recap after you relax and recover. You guys did great!

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