Day 12: The Pacific Coast

After we finally pulled away from Portland, short just one skylight, we started our way down one of the most scenic drives in the country.

But, as Murphy would have it, as soon as we lost our skylight, we experienced the first rain of our trip. In Portland, most rain is a light drizzle. In this instance we were lucky enough to experience nothing short of a heavy downpour. Fortunately we were able to pull off almost immediately, into the plushest gated RV community I’ve every seen. We told the guard we simply needed to turn around, so he kindly obliged and let us through the gate. There, lining neatly manicured lawns with pink flamingos were rows upon rows of quarter-million dollar motorhomes. Needless to say, our humble gray bus was hopelessly out of place.

Hank and Vince sans hatch - duct tape and a plastic bag will have to suffice.

Hank and Vince sans hatch – duct tape and a plastic bag will have to suffice.

As if the situation weren’t already intimidating enough, we had to use this opportunity to rush up on the roof and cover the open hatch as quickly as possible, with whatever materials we had on hand. So there we stood on top of the bus, still in my pajamas, repairing our decrepit bus with duct tape and a black garbage bag. As we desperately tried to dry the roof enough to allow our duct tape to stick, the guard rolled up in his covered golf cart, and asked us with an understandable amount of suspicion, the largely rhetorical question: “Can I help you with something?”. Slightly embarrassed, I informed him, “we’re just covering up our missing hatch to keep out the rain.” To our relief, he cheerfully replied “okay!” and rolled off to leave us to our business. Almost an entire roll of duct tape later, we were ready to hit the road.

The shadow cast by our now-blackened skylight left the fore of the bus in a gloomy darkness. Combined with the overcast skies, the darkness set a tone for our drive. The air was cool, but heavy. The towering trees gliding past were a deep forest green, drained of color. The cold gray ocean snaked in and out of view, with rocky cliffs appearing and disappearing through dense fog.

One of many gorgeous bridges along Hwy 101.

One of many gorgeous bridges along Hwy 101.

After more than a week on the bus, some tensions were beginning to build, and having celebrated for the last six nights in succession was causing patience to wear thin. Justin was beginning to develop cabin fever, often laughing with an emotion that was indistinguishable as joy or madness. Hints of brotherly aggression had built up between Vince and I, and while working together to fix the skylight helped mend that relationship as well as the skylight, the scene was largely somber. That day down the coast, we sat largely in silence. The quiet was welcome, and offered a chance for reflection.

A dreary day passes by outside the window.

A dreary day passes by outside the window.

Justin hand-picked our destination for the evening, a simple pull-off that was supposed to have a decent view of the ocean. As we made slow bus-time down the coast, day drifted into night, and my body collapsed from exhaustion, laptop still open, unable to stay awake to our final destination. As Vince drove on, Justin tucked me in, and kissed my forehead goodnight.

I groggily awoke the next morning as Justin returned to the bus. As I was clearly a bit disoriented and confused, Justin simply told me, “look outside”.  Lazily lowering one of the privacy panels next to my bed, I glimpsed out the window. In the gray early morning light I saw the ocean waves gently washing ashore on a pale, empty beach. A gathering of giant rocks were scattered across the bay, their ominous silhouettes silently standing guard.

Dawn near Gold Beach, OR.

Dawn near Gold Beach, OR.

Justin had left the bus before sunrise to take advantage of the solitude and serenity the beach offered. He captured some fantastic pre-dawn images, and was able to practice a bit of yoga in this surreal setting before returning to the bus.

Daybreak traffic on the coast.

Daybreak traffic on the coast.

We were shortly on our way, hoping to see Redwood National Forest just a few miles down the road still in that early morning light. The sheer scale of the redwoods was difficult to process. Walking up to a giant tree I wrapped my arms around it in an embrace and started doing the math in my head: Okay, that tree is about 8′ in diameter… πr^2… that’s about a 50sqft section… times, say 150 feet tall… so about 7500 cubic feet… or 90,000 board feet. Goodness I could make a lot of tables with that…

Justin was more interested in the the soft light that was filtering down through the trees. He equated the glow on the forest floor to a Hollywood set, but he probably could have used some more photogenic talent to work with.

Hank marvels at a fallen Redwood.

Hank marvels at a fallen Redwood.

Only a few hundred yards onto a trail that was less than half a mile long, Justin and I turned around to find Vince had disappeared. I can only assume that he took after a bird or some other critter and wandered off path. We called out as loud as we could, and heard no response. Not knowing what else to do, we returned to the bus, hoping to see him along the way. Not to be found, we simply shrugged and started frying up bacon on our new cooktop and iron skillet. It’s tough to be mad when you’re eating bacon.

After grub, Vince returned and we continued south. We were feeling much better than the day before, having taken our first night off from the pubs in a week. The sun wasn’t yet shining, but our bodies were recovering and the mood was picking up. We stopped at a few more vistas, just to soak in a bit of the beauty on the coast. One particularly stunning lookout came with it’s own nostalgic 90’s-pop-punk soundtrack, courtesy of the car parked in front of us. Driving the car was a man in his late 40’s with rockin’ sunglasses, dressed far too hip for his age, along with two teenage boys who were likely too young to be choosing this music themselves.

Hank and Vince get an elevated view.

Hank and Vince get an elevated view.

For the final stretch down to San Francisco, we opted to continue down the 101 inland, rather than hop over to the 1 to stay on the coast, saving us at least two and a half hours driving time. The scenery along the coast was beautiful, and the break from the stress of city streets was welcome, but we were eager to see our friends.

En route to Berkeley we took a slight detour through the heart of San Francisco to see the stunning Golden-Gate bridge shrouded in fog. Justin and Vince were able to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience from our customary stations through the skylight hatches, and I only held up traffic on the bridge for a few minutes as I backed up to make my way over to the RV tolls a half-dozen or so lanes over.

Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge.

Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge.

Finally, arriving on the narrow streets of Berkeley, we were greeted with cheering from none other than our very own Ethan. He heralded us into the parking spots he had managed to clear in front of his home, and climbed triumphantly to the top of the bus. We had arrived. It was time to celebrate.

Don't worry - Ethan says it's ok to park here.

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  1. Josiah Werning

    Justin… those photos…. daaayum.

    • Hank Butitta

      Making us look good 🙂

      • Ann

        Congrats on the bus. We did that many years ago, raising the roof a foot, even, then lived on it for 3 years! Loved it.

    • Ann

      Gotta second Josiah’s sentiment, “… those photos…. daaayum.”

  2. Nirmala

    I love all those photos, all the feelings and sensations they transmit. I’d love to go with you guys!

    • Hank Butitta

      It’s a heck of a ride!

  3. Dave

    Hey Bus Guys! Since you’re almost in my neighborhood, might I suggest a detour on Hwy 395 along the Eastern Sierra? If you happen to come through Bishop, I’d be stoked to show you around.

    • Hank Butitta

      I think we already flew through Bishop, but it would have been great to have a host. Thanks for the offer!

    • Iowa

      Hey Dave…I lived in Bishop for 7th and 8th grade in the trailer park. Wow, ironic I stumble across this website and see someone from Bishop. Would love to go back there. Too bad my hubby doesn’t like to travel.

  4. S. (Steve) Maurice Krumrey

    Hey Hank,
    I’m a cousin of your Mom. My Mother (Theo) is your Grandfather Harlan’s oldest sister – Theo (Armson) Krumrey. Your Grandfather sent me the article form the Deavan paper a week or so ago, and I’ve been meaning to drop you a line, but I’m a little behind.

    My wife and I live in Fremont, CA and thought that if you’re near Fremont youi should give us a call and maybe we could get toghter for an hour or so and “decide the state of the free world.”

    I’m not sure the bus would fit into our narrow streets, but perhaps I/we could meet up somewhere, if your parked. Perhaps youi’ve already passed by, but just in case, my business cell is 510-290-4186.

    In any case have a great time with your adventure.

    • Hank Butitta

      Our posts are a bit behind schedule, and we’ve already made our way east from CA. Thanks for the offer though, it would have been great to swing through! Grandpa has a way of letting people know what’s going on 😉

  5. Cynthia Speed

    Your living my dream….love the photos and your reflections…wow…I am cheering you on!

    • Hank Butitta

      Thanks, we’re having a blast!

  6. Sam

    When you come through Utah, stop in Salt Lake. You probably won’t find many good bars in dry country, but you might be surprised by how charming it is. (And I’d like to see the bus…)

  7. Derrick

    This looks awesome! Are you by chance stopping in Kansas City? If so, there are lots of people interested in chatting. Please send me an email at

  8. Kelvin Xu

    Do you guys give rides to anybody?

    • Hank Butitta

      Mostly friends and family, it’s roomy, but not THAT roomy!

  9. Emily

    Hello, Hank! Very intrigued by your project! Looking forward to future blog postings and images. Best of luck to you and your mates as you journey through the west coast in your magical school bus. xo

    • Hank Butitta

      Why does everyone assume it’s a magic school bus!? But seriously, it’s so much fun!

  10. Emily

    Oh, yeah! This shout-out comes from Ohio! You’re an inspiration to people all over the country! xo

    • Hank Butitta

      Thanks so much!

  11. Lauren

    I do wish y’all were coming to Texas! I would love to see this awesome bus in person! Have fun on your travels!

  12. Kyle Hansen

    I already had a spot ready for you in Alameda. 10 minutes from Berkeley. And I had bacon. Good job.!!! Finding parking in Berkeley is a pain. Finding parking for a BUS in Berkeley is unreal.

  13. Scottt

    Looks amazing! If you are going by Humboldt CA check this guy out

    Looks like he is doing what you did..

    Safe journey

  14. Sage

    This story is amazing. I had the opportunity to do something like this before, with a bus as well, and I didn’t. I regret not doing, but I will in the near future! Can’t wait to read more.

  15. Holly

    such a cool idea 🙂 thank you for sharing your journey; what’s next?

  16. Charlie Crystle

    very cool. you should get the app at to help document your trip…

  17. Cyndi Minister

    Thank you so much for sharing your inspirational story. I’m blown away by the photography and your writing is absolutely captivating. Can’t wait to read what happens next.

    • Hank Butitta

      Thank you so much!

  18. Anaïs

    Wow your project is awesome, your pictures are wonderful, it’s a pleasure to visit your website and follow your road trip.
    French blogger enjoying your adventure, thank you for that!

    It’s such a dream came true for you isn’t it?

    • Hank Butitta

      It’s unreal, thank you!

  19. jim williams

    any posts after day 12?

    • Hank Butitta

      They’re coming!

  20. Cindy Wold

    Hi there! Where are you guys today? Wondering when you will be in the Spokane Wa or Coeur d Alene ID area…..I would live a chance to see your cool bus! Happy and safe traveling to you! ps. It’s been beautiful weather here lately. CdA is only about 40 minutes from Spokane and the scenic downtown area is worth a visit. The lake is one of the most beautiful in the US

    • Hank Butitta

      Sorry, you missed us! It was a gorgeous drive through CO though!

  21. Franziska Steinmann

    Your blog was a feature in the Ron Orp Newsletter of Lucerne, Switzerland today. Congratulations on the wonderful pictures, the stories and most of all of the great bus conversion. We have a converted vintage lorry ourselves. It’s not as artful done as yours, but it has to be usefull after all. We’re doing quite some travelling around Europe in it.
    I’m looking forward to further post from your journey!

  22. Norman

    Post! Post! Post! Post!!!

    Seriously though. Great blog. Thank you.

    • Hank Butitta

      We’re so busy handling media and comments, and still trying to enjoy our journey! We’ll try to keep up!

  23. patricia boyd

    This is a great idea , I’m sure this is something you will look back on in life and remember how beautiful this country is. Keep the stories coming .Love reading about your travels .I have been in 30 of these United States and hope to get to the other 20 now that I have retired . Love the bus idea, some of the difficult times on your journey will be looked back on as the best. Safe travels to you and enjoy this great experience.

  24. Janelle Coslo

    Great blog…..I can’t wait to read about the remainder of the trip!! Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us!!!

  25. gisela

    what a truly amazing adventure you are having, i’m enjoying reading your blogs and looking at your pictures. good luck in your future endevours and wishing continued safe journey!

  26. jenn

    what is the gas mileage on the bus? what are you averaging? if this is meant as a longer term living model, what is the concept for placement – a mobile home park, KOA?

    thx! love this idea

    • Hank Butitta

      10mpg. It was originally intended to be parked on 80 acres of wooded land owned by my family, but it’s so much fun to drive around we’ll see what happens!

  27. Betty Lou

    I want to decorate your school bus! It is an awesome blank canvas !!!!

    • Hank Butitta

      Wait, the inside or the outside?

  28. Juls

    Man, I wish I could do my school bus like yours. That’s terrific! I’m sure the ankle-biters would love to do the job themselves. lol

  29. Susan

    Hoping that Boulder is on your itinerary – would love to meet you all and see the bus – lots of interest in sustainable design and green building of all varieties here – and loads of craft breweries!
    Send an email, and if you’re in town, I’ll buy you a beer and introduce you all to great local folks doing good work and interesting projects!

    • Hank Butitta

      It’s too bad we already passed through CO, it’s tough to turn down a free brew!

  30. JennyLark

    I told my husband I wanted to downsize to an RV. You’ve given me another idea! If you want to extend your trip and come through St Louis, we have great local beers and you might help me convince him! Good luck!

  31. Bryan Williams

    I truly believe you guys are living the dream. Noticed you guys are going to trek through colorado, lived there for quite a while. If you happen through Breckenridge you might check out Breckenridge Brewery, good food and beer( oatmeal stout is my favorate). As for Denver, downtown offers a plethera of micro breweries. fyi most of the time you can get two 4 or 6 oz tasters, purchase a drink and move on to the next brewery. Just a broke ass college student experience back in the day. Anyhoo will continue to follow, have fun and good luck. B

  32. Bryan Williams

    Almost forgot, Beajo’s (bo-joe’s) pizza in idaho springs co. just off I-70 is absolutely amazing

  33. Michele

    All I can say is WOW!! between the blog and absolutely incredible photography, I am captivated. I look forward to your next installment of Hank Bought a Bus! Thank you for letting me see how beautiful our Country is.
    Good Luck on the rest of your trip. Michele

  34. Linda

    Amazing. I’ll take one! This is the way humans were meant to live. Minimally and in constant motion.

  35. Kevin

    What kind of gas mileage are you getting in the bus? Love the clean lines and the functionality of your build.

    • Hank Butitta

      A solid 10mpg! Thank you!

  36. Tony

    great job guys…wishing u all the best on ur trip from Nairobi, Kenya…keep the awesome pics coming 🙂

  37. Jordan Rubendall

    So you guys made Yahoo’s frontpage.

  38. Nicole P.

    This looks really cool! It doesn’t look like you guys have plans to come to the east coast though. Bummer. I would have loved to see your bus!

  39. Annelie

    I just found your blog through a small article in a belgian newspaper. I’m an interior designer who loves travelling, photography,… so this project of yours sounds like music to my ears. I can only tell you to enjoy every moment of your special trip, but I’m sure you already are.
    greetings from a belgian fellow traveler/designer:-)

  40. brent

    When the tour is completed, how much are you selling the bus for?
    And if you aren’t selling, when are you going to refurb the next
    bus? And, how much are you selling it for?


    • Hank Butitta

      I have lots of little details to solve before I’ll be ready to build any for a client! I’m not sure yet how much one would cost…



  42. Alexandra

    I’ve just found your blog through a French Web-zine:

    Great Adventure! It’s awesome!

  43. Sarah

    To Hank and all the current inhabitants of the bus, I’m following your adventures since a few days, and I have to admit I’ve deeply fallen in love with this amazing project. What you do is GREAT. You can’t imagine how happy I am to see that this kind of vibrant experiences are still happening on Earth. I will begin studying architecture in September, and I’ve precisely chosen this way because I’ve got a strong faith in that kind of project and in people like you. You’re quite an inspiration!
    I’ll add my small contribution to the incredible wave of sympathy that you’ve aroused: if you’re someday planning a trip in Europe with your Magic Bus, I’ll be glad to host you all in Paris. These are not empty words, just let me know when needed =)
    Can’t wait to read more, good luck dude!

  44. Jessica


    This has been incredible to read! The photos are beautiful, and I love the stories! I think the best part is the meeting of new people, and learning about them. 🙂 I would really love to take on an adventure like this! I had a mini adventure sorta like this, I moved from CA to IL in just my pickup truck (didn’t sleep in it though lol), and it was a blast to see part of the country like that. Even got to see some antelope as I made my way through New Mexico. And Volkswagen Beetles stuck nose first in the ground in Texas. 😀 Here’s to many trouble free miles for you guys and the bus!

  45. Elaine Fryer

    If it’s on your way, Historic 25th Street in Ogden, Utah has a great feel to to it, almost all local-owned eclectic little places (and free parking!). There’s a great roof-top bar, called Alleged, and food from cheep (gourmet pizza by the slice and taco carts) to high end with their own micro-brews (Roosters). I’m loving your journey! Stay safe!

  46. Peter Saucerman

    Hi Hank – Kudos to you, on an out of the box thesis project AND a cool summer tour. I’ve reposted a bit about your adventures at, hope you don’t mind. I imagine you are already through California heading East – if not, honk on your way through Sacramento!
    Best, Peter Saucerman, AIA

  47. Dakota

    I love reading your blog and might even consider a road trip similar to this when I am out of high school. What you guys are doing is inspiring and you should be proud of yourselves for actually proving that no, you don’t need a lot of space to live and yes, if you are determined to do or prove something, you are obligated to do it. Keep it up.

  48. Michaela

    Today’s pictures are absolutely breathtaking! Love the realness of this post and how you’re not trying to over-glamourize anything, makes it way more enjoyable to read.

    Can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow.

  49. Drew Sykes

    Dear Hank and Justin — found your story on Yahoo news. Your adventure reminds me fondly of a trip I took in the summer 1979 — a 10 week, 10,000 mile class trip (easiest and most fun 9 hours of credit I ever earned) from Illinois State University to the Pacific NW and back. Three university-owned station wagons, our prof towing his trailer from his own wagon, and 15 students — we stopped at every National Park between Normal, Il and the Pacific Coast, as well as numerous National Monuments and state parks. I remember it like it happened yesterday — and down the road, you will too! By the way — didn’t see any speakers in the bus pics — but I’m sure you’re rockin’ some great road tunes. Safe travels and all the best.

  50. Sophie

    Beautiful pictures! and great talent for this nice bus
    From Sophie
    Montreal, Canada,

  51. kelley

    So how long were you in Eureka? I am loving your web site and hearing about your journey!

    • Hank Butitta

      We just skipped on through for a few hours!

  52. Derrick

    Have you made it to Topeka, KS yet?

  53. Will

    whoa! you’re living my ultimate dream man…so envious of you!

  54. mario

    Hello Hank

    your bus is a remarkable piece of architecture
    functional in all areas
    every day a different view and a new challenge
    a true experience of life
    really the top man
    greetings Mario
    from Belgium in Europe

  55. Tammy Slatter

    Just my luck… Something uber cool comes to town, and I’m 2 days late with the info.
    I’m just now hearing about your amazing project (via yahoo news feed, so I’m sure you are going to get blown up on the scene).
    Anway.. good on ya with this project.. it’s very cool!
    PS- Santa Cruz is lovely too 🙂

  56. Iggy

    WOW…..what a road trip!!!
    I just discovered your site through an article in Yahoo. Fantastic job on the bus. Looks cozy. Although I’d add a couple amenities like maybe a generator for power when parked, or a couple deep cycle marine batteries and a second alternator to keep them charged, plus an eco-friendly porta-potty. Hey, I’m 58 and not one to stumble around in the dark looking for a place to go.
    The photos are great! The naration makes for enjoyable reading.
    Looking forward to reading the earlier entries.

  57. PeterJ

    Fantastic pictures! Nice to see the US from a different perspective. All the best from Liverpool (UK)

  58. ryan

    Wow! this is inspiring! i drove across country for 4 years in a van so i feel your passion. Great journeys to you!

  59. Rosie

    I imagine you are all blown away by the vast exposure across the world. You’re giggling like school girls every time you see reference to yet another part of the earth that has discovered your adventure. What a hoot for you! You skimmed past mention of the media attention; keep that attitude and don’t let them derail you. As are so many others, I am captivated by the story and the photos. Only my bestest wishes for continued safe travels, making memories that will last several lifetimes!

    • Hank Butitta

      I’m exhausted from all the giggling. So much giggling.

  60. Michael M

    The spirit of adventure is alive and well. Great blog. Thanks for sharing.

  61. Deb

    Stumbled upon this is on mail online and truly am enjoying the experience. Just wanted to say hi. The pics and posts are great. Enjoy.

  62. Martha

    Why not come South……South Georgia

  63. Lisa

    This is a great website, for a great trip…something everyone wants to do. I am not…young, so I have a practical question… how are you paying for this ??? Diesel fuel is not cheap, I don’t expect you get great gas mileage, and I drove across the country in a little pick up truck and I know what it cost me with food etc… I have been trying to do the trip again, but cannot figure out how to get the money together and take the time off from actually making money !

    • Hank Butitta

      The bus gets 10mpg, and when you split the diesel 6 ways and we’re traveling pretty cheap! Less than 10 cents a mile per person!

  64. Starr

    Is it just me or has it been while since you’ve posted?
    This one is dated August 11th, and it’s now August 22nd…. where did you go?

    Also, I think this bus idea is truly fantastic! An especially ingenious way to travel.
    I have really been considering tiny houses and the likes of living in small spaces lately; for environmental and economical reasons as well as ease of travel.

    I know you wouldn’t likely want to reveal all the magicians secrets but I would really love even more info on the building and usage of your bus. I am currently in the process of discovering the most ideal small and travel-friendly living space, and this seems like a great contender.

    Also please keep updating even as you make moderations in the future! This is really great, and you guys are really great.

    Lastly Justin’s pictures are breathtaking, he’s incredibly talented.

    • Justin Evidon

      Hi Starr,

      We are indeed a bit behind on our posts, but we are still alive and well! We are hoping to have new content up before the weekend and the rest of the trip should be following during the course of next week.

      Thanks for following along and be sure to check back soon!


  65. Sara Adlington

    What a stunning journal and highlight of both of your talents-keep up the great writing, photography and adventurous spirit of life! …more importantly, WHAT IS THE NAME OF YOUR BUS?

    When I glimpsed your rig in Bozeman, it sent me to memories of traveling in the early 80s as a kid in ‘The Blue Goose’ (which was my dad’s converted bus-motorhome) and our cousins had ‘The Wanderlust’ (my uncle’s bus-motorhome conversion). Best memories and trips… especially parked on the beach in Florida, where just out the door, we could ride our bikes into the waves.

    Waiting for your next post, and hoping this inaugural trip helps determine a proper name for your brilliant thesis project and its aftermath. 🙂 Wishing you safe journeys…

  66. Niall Toner

    Hi Hank. How can I get in touch with you by e mail. Can you drop me a mail?

  67. katie

    So wonderful! I have to say, as a prairie girl from up north who now lives in the blue ridge mountains of east Tennessee/SW Virginia, your posts and pictures have actually made me miss the wide open and summer roadtrips across the Dakotas to Bozeman. Y’all are living the life-keep enjoying!

  68. MB

    Loved reading about this and then I noticed there have been no posting since Aug. 11, 2013,
    wonder what happened?

    • Justin Evidon

      Hi MB, we have been a bit behind on our posts for a number of reasons (lack of internet, overwhelming increase in audience, celebration of new audience), but we have most of the content close to ready and will be completing the travel log in the next week. Thanks for following along!

  69. Martin Chammah

    Hi, greetings from Argentina, I am an architecture student! I also love the road and cars, and of course traveling.
    Facsinated with the project! Cheers!

  70. Linda Fuentes

    You are so very talented! I think you are living the adventure we would all love to do if we had your talent and foresite….you are very inspiring. Is there a chance your bus will be available for hometown folks like us to view it in person when you get back home to the T.C?

    • Hank Butitta

      We’re still figuring out the best way to share the bus with people! Right now the schedule is a bit busy to show individuals, but we’re trying to work some stuff out!

  71. Linda Contreras

    Love your ideas and great blog. Can you tell me what app you are using to track your trip? It displays at the top of your blog and provides a great visual of your journey…

    • Justin Evidon

      We aren’t using any app to track – all of the mapping has been done manually by me along the way. If we were to have used anything it woulld likely have been a Spot device or Garmin GPS. Thanks for following along!

  72. Sandrine

    I’m very happy to discover your trip and your story (and your great photos)… I’ll be doing that northwest coast road trip in 24days exactly and totally can’t wait (I’m from France)…. and I have even less patience now than I’ve run into your blog
    Can’t wait to see more of it 🙂

  73. Nic Scogna

    Love the writing and story line! Your adventure thus far will be my book tonight 🙂

  74. Mannie

    That’s great idea and hope you allow me to follow your way in Thailand donate trip across country for all remote students. This is our family dream to build a library for students.

    Now we got brilliant ideas from your guys to have mobile library bus across country.

    Cheers, and good luck for trip.

  75. Andy

    Hank you bought a bus! I found your bus on collosal’s Facebook page originally, then started looking for a bus on Craigslist today and found your blog!

    We did something similar in an old bus and travelled around Australia, ( ) but in an old hiace commuter bus. Would love to do it in a school bus across the US! Well if you decide you wanna sell your beauty gimme a hola 😉

    Enjoy your trip!

    • Hank Butitta

      That sounds like a fun trip! A commuter bus would certainly offer a bit more headroom!

  76. Ken

    Would love to see your bus. Divert and go through Omaha…

  77. Helen

    Wow, this is wonderful. I PLAN to keep up with your every move. Best of luck from SOUTHEAST MISSOURI

  78. Mathias

    Stumbled over that blog through archdaily, really impressive! What about fuel consumption of that huge bus? 🙂 i would be also very interested in your camera equipment and the template for this blog, maybe you can tell smth about that. Thanks and rock on!


  79. vicki

    Next stop – Australia. come and visit us. Plenty of room to park here. – maybe not in Sydney though.

    • Hank Butitta

      Should I just ship it over?

  80. KK from Vancouver

    The coast is so beautiful. Want to visit it again… ^^*

  81. Murph

    Just a note from another traveller. I’ve been on the road for the last 4 years living on a motorcycle sidecar.
    In Finland at the mo.
    Being a photographer I love your photos and was curious as to what gear you were using.



    • Justin Evidon

      Murph – your travels looks amazing. Serious kudos! I have bookmarked your blog and intend to follow along as you continue on your journey. As for your question, I am using two Canon 5D’s (Mk2+Mk3) and three lenses (16-35, 35 prime and 70-200). I would have liked to have had a third smaller body to use as a dedicated timelapse system, but I wanted to keep the overall gear amount as small as possible.

      If you have any other questions, feel free to drop me an email from the bios page.


  82. Rob Westfall

    Wow. What a great trip so far and what great pictures and what great stories. It’s a great project and certainly beat the heck out of your typical grad projects.

    You missed a great piece of the California coast by coming in via Highway 101 in the central valley, but I understand the reasons.

    That being said, I would not want to drive some of California Highway 1 south bound in a great big school bus. It’s hard enough driving a little (rental) car hugging the highway cut into the seaside cliff and looking straight down at the rocks and the ocean, several hundred feet below the edge of the road.

    • Hank Butitta

      But those cliffside roads are where the adventure lies!

  83. Pat Bowers

    HELLO! I live only one hour from New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Also, in less than 2 hrs you could be on the MS Gulf Coast or less than 4 hrs on the emerald coast—-Florida beaches. I live on 2 acres of land. We have hook ups for your bus complete with electricity, water, and sewer.

    If you ever come our way, your welcome to stay & visit. It is all tree shaded and very pretty, peaceful!!

    • Hank Butitta

      Sounds gorgeous, thanks for the offer!

  84. Brad McKenzie


    Sometimes in life moments are placed perfectly in your world, viewing this makes me wonder when will I experience such adventure… when will my moments of perfection happen for me? I was sitting at my desk today thinking how I would KILL to be on this bus with my camera. Please do an east coast journey and pick me up!!! The pics make me feel like I’m on the journey with you guys!! I love this blog.

    Thanks, Brad

    P.S. do a Kickstarter. Im ready to donate for the east coast leg.

    • Hank Butitta

      Don’t wait for the right time to adventure, sometimes you just have to do it! And an east coast leg is on the agenda!

  85. Samantha Leo

    Gosh, this is awesome.. I love the concept of the bus and how you are living and doing life within the bus. Travelling is always great! 🙂

  86. Dave

    My family and I saw your bus coming into Newport, Oregon on the 10th of August. My wife pointed out the Wisconsin plates, and the Minnesota State Patrol Inspection sticker on the windshield. About a week later we found your blog & web site. I myself would love to convert a bus and hit the road similar to the Paskowitz Family, especially after my son did a surf camp with a local surfer who has a 1978 pusher bus, so other than early on in your trip what issues have you run into with the bus?

    • Hank Butitta

      That’s awesome! And good luck with a conversion, bus life is quite the adventure!

  87. Cheryle

    Years ago in the early 70’s I took a similar trip with a bus load of friends from central Fl. Across the country to cal. Up to Or. We had built a bus outfitted to eat sleep and entertain. Along the way, I got married in a national park. I wish I had written along the way. Here’s wishing you many happy memories. The blue rainbow bus salutes you.

  88. Joanna

    This. is. brilliant. My friends and I have wanted to do this for a year! None of us are old enough to get a Bus driver’s license or smart enough to revamp a bus though. 🙂 I look forward to keeping up with your adventure!

  89. Jonathan T

    Justin and Hank –
    Your blog has become party central!!! Your drive down the coast makes me want to do a road trip but alas tomorrow (well today I guess) headed on a final camping trip for the season but will be following along.
    Update, maybe in the next blog, is a new skylight in place or is it still Duck Tape central?
    Continued S T

  90. Chaucea


    I am completely entranced by the “Dawn near Gold Beach, OR” photo. The mood and atmosphere that has been captured in that photo is absolutely incredible!

    I keep checking Justin’s site in hopes he has posted a larger image, but alas, not yet. Please oh please, yes?

    And thank you all for sharing your wild adventures–here’s to hoping for wonderful things in your futures.

    • Justin Evidon

      Thank you so much for your kind words. Check your email inbox when you have a chance. 🙂

      • Chaucea

        *swoons* Oh WOW!! Thank you SO much! *is completely giddy right now*

        Y’all are doing awesome things with this project, and I truly believe amazing things for all of you will keep coming at you from all directions well into the future.

        How VERY very exciting! 😀

  91. John Kim

    Hey, just wanted to say that I love what you guys are doing! I’m a 3rd year architecture student at Cal Poly SLO and I just finished a road trip with some buddies from school. Started at home in NYC and made it back to California along almost the same route as you guys. Whats funny is that one of my friends on the trip was always ranting about how great it would be to deck out a bus and take it across the country. Thanks for showing us that its plausible!

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