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Day 18: Vegas

After hearing that our blog had made it onto one of our favorite tech/design websites, Gizmodo, we were in a rush to get from the Nevada desert into Las Vegas, where we had reserved a hotel room on the strip, and were excited to get out and celebrate. We arrived at sunset, and took the…

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Day 19: Anything but Vegas

I woke up the next morning on the bus to the sound of Hannah’s return. (what? didn’t you guys get a hotel room? Yes. Yes we did.) Considering I didn’t even get back to the bus until after sunrise, by the time I woke up the sun had already been cooking me for a number…

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Day 20: Bryce and Arches

It’s amazing how quickly a space can become “home”. After just a few weeks on the road I’d not only adjusted to life on the bus, but I’d forgotten what living in a building was like, and I didn’t really miss it. As the sun peeked in through the bus windows that morning, the crew…

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